Thursday, August 28, 2008

Iron On Vinyl Questions Answered!

I've had quite a few comments, and emails, with questions about Iron On Vinyl. (my new obsession)

I'll do my best to give you all of the details this time

But first I have to warn the person who is Google-ing "Lola wearing tight vinyl". You don't really want to see me in tight vinyl....nobody really wants that (((shiver)))...geesh!!!

Where to find it--I bought my first small piece of I-On Vinyl at Joann's. ( It was about $9.00 for 2yds, but I had to try it. ) You can find it many places on the net too. Quilting-warehouse was the cheapest I could find (for the 20 yd bolt). They were easy to work with, and fast. You just have to search for Iron On Vinyl....not fusible.

Which kind did I buy? I bought the Shiny Vinyl...not the matte. No real reason, I guess I like my vinyl to look vinyl-y.

Is it Messy? Not at all!! If you follow directions (I generally have problems with this). I haven't even got any stuck to my iron...yet? I also heard that you have to be careful or you'll get lint, and hair, and other stuff trapped between the fabric and vinyl. I haven't had a problem with this either. It is EASY to use.

The Down Side-
If you have alot to vinyl to fuse, do it in a WELL ventilated area...this stuff has some fumes!

Once you vinylize don't want to get it really wrinkly by cramming-it through-a little hole-that you have-left in the item-to turn it right-side out...*phew* because you can't iron it.

Even though you want to, you probably shouldn't cover the kids clothes with vinyl..........our should you?????


Amylouwho said...

Awesome! you maybe shouldn't cover their clothes with it - but I'm thinking I could make some bibs that are MUCH cuter than the ones in stores....Oh no! My project list just got LONGER! Again!

Erin K said...

Cute bibs was the first thing I thought of.

but you could do a rain coat right? I think kids need rocking raincoats, the ones I find in stores are a little boring.

One of those floppy hats would be cool too.

Heck, anything would be great with vinyl!

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of great information...thanks so much for sharing. I've been thinking of trying this stuff for awhile, but was a little afraid.

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

You've started a vinyl revolution!
You could make a fortune selling it to people in the UK!

trisha too said...

thanks for the tip--I want to crank out a few of those pacifier holder things.

you bought a bolt of vinyl.

no one here is surprised!


Stacey said...


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

I can't wait to vinylise something.
I can see Toby will be going to school in vinyl trousers!

Melanie said...

Great medium..., We'll have to try it at my house with all the sewing we do!

Carly said...

People should read this.