Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tina, Anna, and What the??

Tina Givens booth was amazing!
I happen to be a big fan of her fabrics, and her new line didn't leave me disappointed!

The clothes were divine!
I loved this little bear hat!
Tina looked like a really cool person...unfortunately, the gay men were hogging all of her time and attention.

While we stayed in Houston, we got little sleep! The girls were giggling all night, then we had a hard time getting going in the morning. It seemed that we were running to make it to our morning appointments...and never got breakfast.

Lucky for us, the vendors all had little bowls of candy for us to snack on........all morning long.....all afternoon........OY!! The sugar highs!!!

I am fairly certain that I spent many hours in a sugar induced intoxicated state. I see pictures now, but I don't remember them ever happening!

This is a picture of me and Jenny in Anna Maria Horners booth! I can't explain what is happening here other than that this photo was taken shortly after my face ate all of my makeup.

ps. The camera adds 40 lbs, really buck teeth!


Faith said...

Oh, Lola. I love that your name is Lola. With a name like that I wish that I could buy you a headband with feathers on it from Nordstrom.

Glad you enjoyed yourself and I think that you look great in the picture!

Faith said...

PS- Your hair looks great by the way. Did you cut it shorter?

Hey It's Di said...

I think that picture only adds 40 pounds of buck teeth to one person:p

trisha too said...

aaaaaaaacckkkk!!! I wish I'd been there with you! Thank you for sharing all the pictures!!!!!!!

Just the pictures are enough to make me have a little seizure, so it's probably a GOOD thing I wasn't there!

Jo said...
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Busty LaRue said...

I really think that picture is hilarious! What in the world was Jenny thinking? She is so goofy sometimes! I am so jealous that you got to see all of that beautiful fabric up close. I am finding that I love fabric more and more each day. Oh if only I had a million dollars to spend on it!