Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Help...I need somebody....

I need some help from ALL of my bloggy friends, my blogstalkers, casual readers, and even my blog haters that just come here to mock and ridicule me!

I have a few questions and I'd love to know what you think!

1-I'd like to put up a bunch of tutorials ,on the gracie lou's blog, when I finally get the website open for business. What are some things that you'd like to learn (or like a tute on) that you haven't seen already?

2-What do you think would be an effective way to draw people to the site; a big giveaway, a coupon, a freebie???

3-Any other suggestions about selling fabric online???

4- Should I go on a diet now, or wait until after the holidays?


Lindsey said...

Yeah, first to comment! :)

I think that a fun way to get people to the site is a giveaway where people are "required" to put your logo on their blog, and comment in your comments to be entered for a drawing. I've entered quite a few of those before, and never won, but it never stops me from trying! :)

carrie said...

So, there was the quilt giveaway on Pigtails and Snails blog and she had like 2000 responses. She made you add a cute button to your page for more entries... clever. The quilt was also AMAZING! So, that sounds good. I'd love to learn about just about all things... some really cool softies would be good. Hmmm... definitely wait on the diet :0)

Amy said...

1. I am drawing a huge blank right now.
2. Giveaways can be good if you approach them the right way. Set giveaway rules and stick to them. For example- you must look at my shop and tell me what you like type thing.
3. If I sold fabric online I would offer pleanty of size choices. Other than that I have nothing to add- my online sales have been pretty bad lately
4. I say if you can make it thruogh the Holidays on a diet then you will be golden through the rest of the year....GO FOR IT!

Erika said...

Hi Lola!

1. Tutorials are always great I have seen very impresive ones like Pink penguin's I like the fact that at the end of her post she always recognises all the people that send a picture of her project. Another that was very helpful is to teach the basics that attracts more people to start quilting.

2.Guivaaways are the thing now but you know what. no one is doing a cupon if you do it like a referal and post a tag on their blog a something for each referal or something like that but to start a giveaway is great!

3. also with the tutorials you can introduce items you have in the store as "you can buy it here" or kit abailable. like the ausies do.

4 Do not go on a diet now It never works and you suffer all throu the holidays. just do not over do besides you are in a good shape :)
Best for you

Erin K said...

I like all tutorials. Lots of photos are a must for me. Are you going to sell fat quarters? What about a series of things you can make with fat quarters? Or half yards, or whatever incriment you will sell in. And whatever you do, cover it with iron on vinyl. *wink*

I'll follow you anywhere, but giveaways are great. I like the ones with cute buttons you can but on your blog, but I will admit I read everything in reader and don't SEE the buttons. I also think you should make people link to your on their blogs. Or you could just pull someone from your loyal readers, say, "whoever mentions Iron on Vinyl the most" and then send them some fabric. *second wink*

3. make things with the fabrics, have friends help if you can't do it all. I know I'm really driven by seeing a finished project. Not that I do it exactly like that one but it gets me really wanting that fabric. So samples. I think if you could link them somehow, so if on the site I'm looking at yellow stripe and i can "click here" for project ideas with yellow stripe, that would rock.

4. diets are stupid. I guess try to eat well on all the days except the ones that are food days? You know, not ON Thanksgiving, or ON Christmas or AT the parties you go to, but all the other days? That's my plan... sorta. course slack a$$ plans like that are why I'm overweight.

love you,

Hey It's Di said...

Bag the diet. Let's all shoot for gaining another 10-20 and REALLY enjoy the fudge season!

OH you wanted suggestions?? Ideas??. . . Uh, I have none. Bye!

Jessica G. said...

Giveaways are good for the short term but coupons are probably better for building business.

Here's something I learned the hard way - when buying fabric online, make sure the sample swatch isn't just a tiny scrap of the fabric so you aren't completely shocked when the material arrives and it's not at all like you thought.

And wait until after the holidays to diet. :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Yep a big prize is it and if people post on their blog your giveaway then they get 2 chances. Those seem to draw the most comments. Diets- hate them.

Molly said...

You have gotton some good comments so far. I like the idea of a coupon for people who post or link to the site, and maybe a giveaway with it. I think giveaways need to be pretty big to get a lot of attention. My favorite way to view fabrics online is by collection, but all in all it is so hard to appreciate the beauty of the fabrics on the computer screen, so good luck with that one.

Erin K said...

I don't have your email!

In answer to your question on my blog, HECK YES.


Carrie said...

Here's a thought... with every 2 or 3 yards of fabric purchased at regular price receive one yard of Christmas or Halloween fabric free!!!!!!We have got to get rid of it to make room for all of that good stuff we ordered at market!!!!

The Lloyd Family said...

1- Tutorials would DEFINITELY draw people to your site. I'm a crafting mom of 4 and can't afford to buy kits and patterns so I learn how to do evertything from online tutorials. This allows me to spend more on fabrics! As far as what types? Anything goes! You have great taste.

2-Giveaways, coupons, freebies, all good ways to draw attention. If you do giveaways, you could register with, that helps you get A LOT of traffic as people go there just to look for giveaways. You can do an extra entry for everyone that blogs about your giveaway or puts your button on their blog. Check out

3-Fabrics. Sell a variety. Not just the expensive names (although those are great too!) Have bundle sells and offer discounts for loyalty. Free shipping, if you can offer it, is a GREAT way to sell fabric online.

4- WAIT TO GO ON A DIET UNTIL AFTER THE HOLIDAYS!! Enjoy the festive holiday meals and treats and work it off next year!

I love your blog. I think you are amazing. I wish you luck! If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know!

Scrappinfor3 said...

I agree with Lindsey on the 2nd question. Get some link love out there! Back to #1 - something quick for a fast fix & then something that takes a bit longer to complete. Cover both the beginner & the more skilled. Use the fabric you want to sell in the tutorials & examples of items you have created. Offer half price shipping on orders over a certain $ amt. Create groupings of coordinating fabric to sell as a "set." Re the diet: don't go on one. . just make little changes you can live with & cheat once in a while. That will lead to long term wt loss instead of yo yo'ing:)

frankenpug said...

I would just like to start by saying I am in the blogstalker

1) I like all of your tutes...very nicely composed and easy to follow. I think it would be nice if you had some tutorials for the different types of handstitches that some some patterns require. I know my way around the sewing machine, but must admit that slipstitch, whipstitch, blanket stitch, etc still make me kind of nervous.

2) I think a giveaway is definitely a good way to draw people in initially and offering coupons or special weekly sales is a good way to keep them coming back.

3) I like it when fabric shops offer fat quarter collections or matching 1/2 yards. It makes it much easier and faster than trying to do the matching yourself.

4) Definitely enjoy the holidays first:)

Can't wait to see the fully operational website! Good luck!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Don't knoew to the first two questions. On the last one. If we had the money for me to start one I would have this week I figured I could loose at least 10 lbs by the holidays. Then I would have clothes to wear.

trisha too said...

The giveaway, with the add-my-link rule, and you have to look at my shop rule, yep, like the ladies up there said, those are good ones.


The giveaway where you just give ME something is always appreciated, as well . . . ;)

And no to the diet. Egads, woman, what are you thinking??

Sabii Wabii said...

I have an opinion. I just don't know what it is yet...I'll be back.
Blog Stalker

kathyhales said...

As a blog stalker and non-sewer (is that a word?)Here's my responses...
1. Tutorials.. um yea - I can't do any of them, but I LOVE to look at them. I always want to buy what I see you make!

2. BOGO always works for me. I will be happy to link to your website from my blog (if you tell me how to do that!)

3. I went to the scrapbook expo and saw Amy Butler fabric totes and I was wowed... Show other types of crafters how they could use fabric in what they do do (I said doo doo)

4. NO DIET... don't do it. diet's are bad. They have the word die in them. Let's eat a pint of Hagen Daaz and talk about it.

Pinktulip said...

Hi Lola. I have been "stalking" your blog for months now and thought it time to say hello. I love reading about your projects and you children and I especially love your tutorials.

Since I live in Africa, I would vote for PDF patterns and tutorials. It is so terrible to wait 2-3 weeks to receive a pattern in the post when you want to make it NOW!

Give-aways are great. I think fabric is always welcome but a tutorial or pattern that you can download immediately is even better!