Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ice Cream

I was checking out some of the different websites that I get visits from.

Over the last few days I have gotten TONS of hits from the following 3 sites.

The Big List of Sewing Blogs- I signed up to be listed on this blog, it is a fun resource. I like to surf through the thousands of sewing sites.

Kostenlose-Schnittemuster This is a German site that lists all sorts of tutorials and free patterns....mostly in German and french. So much to be inspired by!

Faden Freunde Another German site with tutorials.

If you sew, and even if you don't, check out these blogs. You might get some gift ideas..?

PS. the diet is going really well.....well..?

eta....Here is another fun one if you read Russian!


Joanne said...

I will defintently check out the big list of sewing blogs as now I should have the time to make lots of presents for christmas.
I love your blog you always put a smile on my face.
Joanne x

momof2gr8kids said...

Lola, my diet is GOING well!!! yeah me. I do not read German.. but perhaps I can figure it out??

The P*dunc's said...

Your diet sounds like mine! After being locked out of my house for six hours, Burger King was calling.

Jessica G. said...

Why must you taunt the pregnant lady with images of ice cream?? Have you no mercy?!?


Faith said...

That ice cream looks yummy.

I hope your class goes well tomorrow!! That purse is so cute. I really wanted to make it but I'm not going to be able to. Another time though I want to attend one of them.