Monday, February 16, 2009

Paint, Pets, and Big Ideas!

What did you do for Presidents day?
We painted the Basement. was already painted,
but we couldn't get over the "Our basement was flooded with gallons of CRAP",
so we decided to paint it all before we get our new carpet.
I'll show pictures of the Beautiful New Basement
after the carpet comes.
We used to have a tank full of these cute little Zebra fish, 15 or so.
Every day one or two would be missing, or floating upside down.
Then we started finding them dead.....with chunks missing...ew!

After two weeks we were down to 1 little Zebra.
He's been living alone for several months now.
poor fishy. We've always suspected he was a murderer.
Last night, my nephew called to see if we wanted his 3 fish: 2 large suckers,
and one African Cichlid.
picture borrowed from
This morning
we woke to 1/2 of a Zebra fish, and a Cichlid with a guilty look on his face!!!

NOW for the BIG IDEA!!!
I was thinking about having a "Mystery Purse Sew Along"!!
I have one of my patterns that I think would be fun to sew as a group,
then maybe post the pics on Flickr,
Maybe even have a give-away connected with it?
What do you think??
Anyone interested??


Lindsey said...

I am "sew" interested! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

What is a sew-along? Is it like a swap? What kind of giveaway would you do?

Just give me the details, and I'm in!

rachel griffith said...

oh yayyy new paint!!!

awww...he ate the other fish???

a mystery purse sew along.
that sounds fun.
will this run a period of a few weeks or what???

i am very mary said...

I'd play, but I'm not sure I'm that good. But if there can be a category for worst sew-along, I am all. over. it.

Jen Sue Wild said...

I love the idea of a sew along! I really hope you do it I would sew play along!

Brianne said...

I would love to do a sew-along. Count me in!!

Tatty Mum said...

I would be interested if it was an international sew-along, even though I don't know what a sew-along involes but anything to do with sewing is going to be fun.
Hope you get enough interest.

Joanne xx

mary beth said...

absolutely coolest idea ever.
I'm in! I'm in!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

PLEASE count me in!!!! I think that would be so fun!

I have done one on the blog a long time ago and we set aside one day to do it and posted pics on the blog hour by hour.

Your fish all sound gangsta!

Marie said...

Tropical fish are vicious little blighters - my parents used to have a tank and they were just the same. Makes me glad to be human. I think.

Sew-along sounds like fun :)


Judi J said...

I would love to be counted in on this. I had the cutest lady at a cute material store in Salem Utah help me make the cutest bag so I'm in . Let me know the details.


Melanee said...

Hey, I would love to be part of a sew a long. And I still need to come visit your store. I am going to be down that way later this week. I am curious what a sew along is and what it does... but count me in!

Stacey said...

Sure...that would be G-R-E-A-T!!

Carrie Me! said...

Count me in for the sew along, what is the mystery aspect of it??

I had an angel fish that murdered all my other fish, I was scared of him! Definitely NO angel LOL

Scrappinfor3 said...

Oooo. . .I might even forego sleep for real to try this. Hmmm. . You have me intrigued.
We had a killer angel fish when I was younger. . .it even attacked us when we tried to clean the tank! It went for a swim with the poopies eventually. . good-gye cruel world! (it was like capital punishment for fish. . .nasty thing ate a family of guppies!)

Erin K said...

I'm in for sure!

Adrienne said...

Yes! Let's sew along!

BTW - you and your kiddos can come visit anytime but keep your fish in your own aquarium ;-)

Molly said...

I am ready for some suspense and a new purse!

shaina said...

I'm all for the purse sew-athon. By the way, I totally know what it's like to have a fish as a murderer. I wrote a story about it on my blog, not too long ago. Jealous fish!

It's A Wonderful said...

Yes! I want to sew a mystery purse! Great idea!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Ooohhh! I love sew-a-longs :)

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...
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Suzee said...

Count me in!!!