Monday, July 13, 2009

What The...huh??

My friends,
most of you know that I am NOT
The Queen of Fashion.
(Maybe the Queen of Non-Fashion)
Today, however, I realized that there is someone with
MUCH WORSE fashion than me....
The Designer Thom Browne.
Here are a few samples of his work.
What the???
These guys look thrilled to wear it too!

"Santa's Little Hell-per"

and the ever popular,
"Help! My 6 year old brothers suit doesn't fit me!"

These are actual designs of his.....this is not a joke!
I saw his things on Gilt today.
I go there daily to find good deals on Great Shoes.
(If you want an invite to shop there, send me your email)

If you are in the mood for more laughs, google Thom Browne!
and then, maybe chuckle at the men who actually spend thousands on these beauts!


{lorelailette♚} said...

for a second there i didnt belive whet my eyes were seeing, i mean come on? really? are you serious?

I guess in a world like the fashion world anything is considered fashionable....just not that.


Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh!!!!

I think what's better is the looks on the models' faces--they really look like they were forced on point of death to dress in those monstrosities! At least they're getting paid. :D

Kathi D said...

I think I don't understand fashion.

Melanie said...

it may not be a joke but I had a good laugh!

Tiff said...

WHo in their right mind would wear any of those? Those poor models looks so enthused.

Pinktulip said...

Do you think Lego Man will wear any of these? I think my men will so not wear any of these! Who wears it?!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Oh my heck! that last one not only is it his little brothers suit, but his little brother needs to go on a diet! bad!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

YOu make me laugh.

Karen K. said...

I happened upon your blog by accident. Thank you SO MUCH for the belly laugh. I hope they were paid well for those photo shoots!!!!! Oh my gosh, I have to go and look again. Thanks