Monday, July 27, 2009

When you are rich....

What would you do?
If you had all of the money you needed
and you didn't have to work anymore
How do you think you would want to spend your days?
(The days after your house is remodeled, and your are bored of shopping for everything you could ever want....)
What would you WANT to do?
I think I would do what I already do every day.
(except I wouldn't do laundry,
or worry about how we're going to pay the bills!)
I would hang with my kids,
and create things in my studio,
whilst sipping Diet Coke.
What would you do?


Stacey said...

Yes, I am with you...however, I would take my children to see all the wonderful places in the world that we would otherwise not get to see.

The Great Wall, Scotland castles, Pyramids in Egypt, whales in get the idea!

Amy R said...

I would still cook, because I like to be creative that way too. I don't mind dishes so much. But I would like to have help cleaning my house. I don't mind laundry. Not so much on the ironing tho. Gardening, I like that too. But, I'd like really pretty beds, so I'd like some help designing them. What would I do with my time then? Create. Make something new out of something old (have you ever walked through a yard sale or tag sale and said "gee, that would make a great _____". . .Well, I'd like to follow through with all those ideas. And, there are so many quilts I'd like to make. . . I'd still check out all the blogs I follow too, cause I really like those who host them and I love how creative and kind they are.

trisha too said...

exactly--NO laundry. (which reminds me, i need to put in a load before bed.) or much housework. but still yes, cooking!

we would, like Stacey, take some awesome field trips.

and all the charities/foundations/ worthy causes we thought we didn't have enough to give to, would suddenly find anonymous donations in their coffers . . .

and i'd buy lots of etsy stuff.

don't make me think before bedtime, Lola!


Vanasa said...

Take family on volunteer humanitarian trips and to educational locations around the world. Between trips I guess I would just be quilting...

Lindsey said...

What a fabulous question!!

I would spend my time with my daughter (hopefully more kids to come in the future too), doing fun things together, creating a home of love, crafting, building relationships with loved-ones, and serving people.

I think this is one of those answers that begs the question: "Then why don't you do those things now?" Thanks for the perspective. :)

Busty LaRue said...

I would travel the world, too....but I would still do laundry. It's my one excuse to stay up after everyone else has gone to bed. A few hours of peace and quiet all to myself is definitely worth having to do laundry. Although I wouldn't put it away. That's what the maid would be for! haha

Sabii Wabii said...

Have you put your bags here?

Karen said...

Definitely travel. Mostly all around the USA.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

It is funny about money and happiness. Sometimes I think it is the answer to everything and then there are days where I think it answers nothing. My husband is the kind of person that looks at everything and sees a cup half full, never enough and he stresses so much. My answer really has nothing to do with your question but I have been thinking today about that. Wondering. Would he be a happy person if he had all the money he could want? Most of the time he blames things one money. So it would be interesting to know how he'd be if he had everything. Yes. I'm in a bad mood. I know it is showing. Sorry.

Erin K said...

I would travel.

Then I'd stay at home, make crafts, read books, nap and play with my kids.

hmm, I do all that already. So the only thing standing between me and the life of my dreams is a bit of travel?

Well in my dream life Brian would be able to be home with us of course, traveling, playing, reading and napping.

I'd still cook because I like that, but I'd eat out more too because I love that. I'd also join a gym, one that had some cool kids play daycare thing so I could bring them and work out and the would be there with me.

Kathi D said...

I would do the same as you--drink my Diet Coke, work on projects, and sit in my swing in the back yard. That's kind of what I do now, except that Rick would be here with me all the time instead of working, and I would have somebody else do all the cleaning and laundry and cooking (except when I'm in the mood to cook something) I like to cook, but not night after night after night, y'know?

Kathi D said...

By the way, that's also my answer to "What would you do if you only had X number of months to live?" I wouldn't travel the world or anything like that. I'd just want more time to be with the ones I love, hanging out.

Anonymous said...
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Claudia said...

After remodeling the house and buying the lattest in technology, I would like to create a training facility to help unemployed people change trades so they could go back to work. I would like to travel a lot, discovering all kinds of crafts... I would vixit my family a lot too but I don't have kids of my own, so it's all about self-fulfiment. :D
And I came here to New Zealand to try to find a bit of this fulfiment and a better life. I can only see my country go down the hill and people, in general, is blind to it.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I would travel with my family and see the world. While drinking lots of diet coke!

Pinktulip said...

I don't think I would like to sit at home and do nothing - it will drive me nuts! I would open my own shop and sell yummy fabric and yarn and arrange tea parties and cocktail parties with other crafty girls! Who cares about selling, but to have like-minded company all day would be great!

Anonymous said...
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Pretty Things said...

Travel. I've traveled a LOT, but I'd hit the places I've missed on the list -- Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Greece. Then I'd walk around with 20's in my pocket and just reverse-shoplift.... drop one in people's shopping bags and such. Overtip. But quietly, hopefully anonymously.