Wednesday, August 5, 2009

School Clothes... Cheap 3

Skirts are one of the easiest things you can make for your dd for school.
They go together so quickly, and take little fabric...
so, there is little expense.
(gotta love that!)
Loving this tube skirt from DIY kids. I'm a sucker for pom pom's.

Charm pack skirt by The Merry Church Mouse

Market Skirt Tutorial from Made

Simple Twirly Skirt from House on Hill Road

Now Go!! Dig through your fabric!
Make a few skirts!


Scrappinfor3 said...

Do you think my boys would wear skirts? Nah, don't think so! And my knees are just not even close to being as cute as these ladies. I will be done with my summer class this week & then I hope to get some sewing time.

Sabii Wabii said...

Can you wear short skirts with 'kankels"?
Atually, I don't know if they officially qualify for kankels...just under developed calves!

Pinktulip said...

Thanks for the links! I am so going to make skirts this weekend!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Gracie Lous has such fabulous trim too. Why weren't these patterns around when I had little girlies.