Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hello!  My name is Jana, and I'm a Shoe-a-holic.
Now, you probably wouldn't know it from the shoes I wear on a daily basis.
Kind of like these, but not nearly as cool.
The $15 dollar Target version.
 Hey!  I'm the mother of 6.  I need to be comfortable!

But deep down inside I love pretty shoes, and I get to wear them occasionally.
I buy them.
I store them.
I look at them often.

If I buy another pair of shoes, Jeff will be very disappointed in me. 
 He will probably shake his head, and I will feel guilt.
They're just so pretty......mmmmmmmmmmm!


Jen Sue Wild said...

Maybe you have to be a mom of 8 and live in jennifers(me) world befor you wear heals every day. LOL
Umm don't feel guilty. And wear your heals more often.

Anonymous said...

You could be like me and just wear them around the house. It's the only time I get to play dress up and the only people who see my wobbly knees are too short to care!;)

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

all i need to say here is yum, yawn, and yum! I have boring versions too. But those rare moments when I get to wear the WOW shoes...bliss I tell ya bliss!

trisha too said...

Those are some pretty shoes!

I love my 2 hour shoes!! They go to church, and that's about it. Sometimes the theatre, the occasional wedding . . .

Kathi D said...

You just need to build some lighted shelves in your bedroom and display them as Art.