Monday, September 1, 2008

The Keisha Bag Tutorial

***The Keisha Bag Tutorial***
Large Purse, Grocery Tote, Book Bag
(It was late when I put this together. Let me know if I've made any mistakes, or if you have questions!)

This pattern is a Copyright of Jana Nielson , Lola...again!!! 2008. It is intended for personal, non-commercial use. You may not make and sell items using this pattern. Thanks!

For this project you will need:
*1 yard Main fabric
*1 yard Accent Fabric
*fusible interfacing of your choice. (I used Craft Fuse by Pelon)
*A strong Sewing Machine Needle ie. Jeans/Denim Needle.

From Main Fabric Cut:
-Outside body-2@ 14"x 15"
-Sides-2 @ 5"x 15"
-Bag bottom-1@ 5"x 14"
-Back pocket- 2@ 10"x 14"
-Handles- 2@ 6"x 22"
-tabs- 2 @ 2"x 5"
-inside pocket-1 @ 6.5"x 10"

From Accent fabric cut:
-Lining body-2 @ 14"x 15"
-Lining Sides- 2@ 5"x 15"
-Lining bottom-1 @ 5"x 14"
-Handle accent- 2@ 2.5"x 22"
-Back pocket accent- 1@ 3"x 14"
-Front ties- 2@ 6"x 22"

From Fusible interfacing cut:
-Purse body- 4 @ 14" x 15"
-Purse side- 4 @ 5" x 15"
-Purse Bottom- 2 @ 5"x 14"

Before you begin sewing:
-Cut out all pieces. Mark them by writing (in pencil) on the wrong side of fabric.
-Fuse interfacing to purse and lining pieces.
-Take a deep breath.

We'll start with the back pocket. You'll need 2 back pocket pieces, and pocket accent piece.
Sandwich edge of accent piece between pocket pieces.

Stitch across top with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Press sandwich open. Then fold along the seam and press under.







Now set this piece aside. We are going to work on the parts that make up the front of the bag,
beginning with the Tabs (like belt loops).

Fold tabs in half and press a crease into them. Open them back up and fold the
raw edges into the center. Press again.




Top stitch down both sides, and across finished end.

Measuring , to make sure they are level, is always a good idea!

Now it is time to put on the Tabs. Measure 4" from edge of purse front.
Fold ends of tabs under 1/2" and press. Pin them on each side at the same measurements.
Make a couple of stitching lines across the tops and bottoms of tabs.

Tie a cute little bow on the front.
Attach side/back piece to the front, folding seams and top stitching down each side.
This next step may seem a little tricky, but somehow it just magically works right.
We're going to put the bottom in the bag!

Take your bottom piece and center one end along one side/bottom of bag.
Mark where the seams are with pins.
Sew from seam to seam with 3/4" seam allowance.
Stop when you get to the second pin, leave your needle down.
Lift your presser foot and pivot your purse bottom piece around..........
...until it is even with one of the long edges of purse body. Continue to sew until you reach the next seam. Leave the needle down and pivot purse bottom again. Keep going until you have done all 4 sides!!!
Clip the corners close to the seam line. Turn right side out and press.
Now we are going to make the straps/ purse handles.
Take the fabric for the handles and do the same thing to them that you did to the know, that fold-open-fold raw edges-press-fold again. Make sure you top stitch down both sides.
The accent for the handles is done a little differently.
Fold in half, press, open and fold raw edges into the center line, press again.
That is it!!
Top stitch accent to handles by sewing down each side
Instead of Flod-ing your pocket, Fold it in half. Sew around the 3 raw edges
leaving an opening for turning inside out. Clip corners close to seam, turn and press.
Place pocket on one of the body lining pieces. Put it where you want it
but measure to make sure it is level.
This is a really long tutorial.......I'll shorten it by about 12 pictures by telling you to sew the lining together with a 3/4" seam allowance. You don't need to top stitch the seams this time. Set the bottom in just like before.
We're almost there!!!!
Put purse inside the lining.
Turn right side out. Tuck lining inside the purse, and press around the top edge.
I rolled about 1/8" of the lining to the front for a decorative edge.
Stitch around top edge.
You're DONE!!!

Copyright 2008 by Jana Nielson. Feel free to make this for personal use. Do not reproduce pattern, or bag for commercial use. Thanks!!


sewfunky said...

awesome looking tutorial and bag!

I may just have to put one on my list of things to make. :)

Erin said...

Oh my goodness this is nice! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to try the bag for sure, I'm particularly impressed by the straps!

Scrappinfor3 said...

Add THAT to my To DO list! Or, you COULD just send the finished bag to me:) Tee hee. .gotta keep trying:) Great job!

Melanie said...

Can you stop this creative are the best! I was a Gracie Lou's and the lady at the register who is friends with your mom said: "That Jana, she is the most talented woman I know." You go Girl!

Nanette Merrill said...

This is so so cute. How wonderful of you to share it with us all.

Hey what happened to the Payson quilt store - Creek Side Needle? I know that new store in Salem is open but why did that Payson quilt store close? Just wanted to know if you knew.

Stacey said...

Thanks...and I love that fabric BTW.

Hey It's Di said...

Oh great! I whipped out five of those cuties today and already have buyers for them;)

By the way, the Keisha bag rocks that you made for Keisha! (How fitting!) It makes a fab purse/book bag for sure!!

Neil said...

You are right....I love those fabrics and colors. You couldn't buy that for under $100.00. You are awesome. MUM

trisha too said...

i love big bags!! thank you thank you for another great tutorial!


kathyhales said...

You are KILLING me... O.k. When is your next purse of the month class. I'm sure I could drive up for the day, hang out, visit my dad and brother and learn to sew.... I LOVE THIS BAG!!!

Our Hands For Hope said...

YOU NEED TO SELL THESE! STOP GIVING THEM AWAY!!! That is unless you are already really weathy $$$
You do a GREAT job. I sew ALL the time...your work is clean, instructions easy to follow, great photography, picturees taken at the right time, good computer graphic skills. I'm tellin ya "Crafters dig chicks with skills!" (stolen from Napolian Dynamite)

Scrappinfor3 said...

OK. . so do you think I could whip this together in a few hours??? I really need this bag for my 1st teaching gig. . .I know, it's a WANT more than a need. . .but maybe if I just didn't sleep for a couple of days. . .

Kerri said...

Wow! I just hopped on over from lipstick and laundry and am super impressed! I just made a bag, but compared to yours it's so simple! Now I want to challenge myself by making one of your bags! you are very talented. I'm going to hurry and finish all of my current projects so I can make this bag!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, I'm definately making this one soon. I'm expecting some gorgeous Heather Bailey fabric by mail order this week. Must make this bag with it. Thank you for the tutorial!

diybaglover said...

Hi there!

i have link ur tutorial in

Hope u dont mind =)

Our Hands For Hope said...

Jana, What kind of machine do you use?

文章 said...


Anonymous said...

I thought you didn't want people to sell this bag? It sounds like a previous commenter (Hey It's Di @ 9/2/08 "I whipped out five of those cuties today and already have buyers for them") did, so I'm confused.

Jana Nielson said...

In reply to the previous comment:
Heyitsdi is my sister. She can't sew, and was kidding about making these for sale. I named the bag after her daughter Keisha.
Please don't make these bags for sale. Thanks!

Heather said...

I finished my bag this week and am thrilled with it. I posted pics on my blog with links to your pattern. Here's the link.

I used very different fabrics than you. Thanks so much for such a nice pattern.