Monday, January 7, 2008

Slip on the ice!

Yesterday, as we were getting ready to leave the van and go into the church, I stepped out onto an icy parking lot. I stood there, both feet firmly planted, and I thought "This isn't so bad, I'm still standing!"

One by one we helped the kids out of the car and watched them slip their way over to the dry sidewalk. When the last was unloaded, I shifted my weight to take a step......and I started to slip!
Being Sunday, I started thinking (no...I don't ONLY think on Sundays!). I thought about Foundations, being firmly planted. As long as my feet were firmly long as my foundation was strong, I didn't slip. But, as soon as my foundation was shifting, I started to slip.
Where is your foundation? Are your feet firmly planted where they should be? It is easier to slip if you aren't sure what you believe, or if you believe!
I am determined to strengthen my foundation, and the foundations of my family members! Plant your feet....or you might fall on your fanny!

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It's Just me! said...

Steve slipped on the ice! He wasn't using his "Sunday Thinking" when he walked on it apparently! Looks like he needs to work on his foundation! haha! I shouldn't laugh since he injured his back in the fall. But the kids got a good laugh out of it anyway! Di