Sunday, February 3, 2008

The EVIL Cookies!

I have the best sugar cookie recipe! They taste like the kind that you buy at the grocery store and then eat the entire box of them by yourself, and then you have to hide the empty container from your husband so he won't know what a huge pig you really are!!

Is it just me???

We were having all of our family over to watch the Super bowl so, of course, I had to whip up a batch (of HEAVEN) before church at 9:00 am. I was really trying to hurry, so that they could have time to refrigerate, when the unfortunate event occured. I dropped half 0f an egg shell into the mix while it was mixing!

I hurried to stop the mixer, and rescue the sacred cookie dough.....luckily(so I thought) I got all of the egg shell out.

After church I started to make the cookies. I had rolled, cut, and cooked several dozen before I got to the bottom of the bowl...................EWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huge chunks of egg shell! Hmmmmmm......what should i do now? Not enough time to make more dough! Can't throw away that many cookies, and besides I wouldn't have any treat for everyone to snack on??????

I know!!!!!! Put sprinkles on them, and nobody will know the difference!! I hurried to make some of the best (and most disgusting looking) buttercream frosting dyed blue for the Patriots. We only had the brown sprinkles (that look like mouse poop) left!

I had my entire family over........but I didn't tell any of them what had happened, and they didn't say a word!!!!

Is that wrong???

They will find out when they read this blog.

Sorry family! *hee hee*


Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Naughty Lola my kids could have choked and Died I will bring the treats from now on Ok.

Cocoa said...

Great cover up! At least I think so without having actually eaten any.

I AM VERY MARY said...

They've eaten worse. No sweat.

Jill said...

Egg shell? That's got to have added some extra vitimins or something, right? They should be thanking you.
Besides, you MADE the cookies yourself! How cool is that? You could have just gone and bought the ones from the did you buy them from the store, and you ate them all before you got home?
(Here's a handy tip, if you throw the cookie box away in the big garbage can outside BEFORE you open the garage door, you hardly ever get caught.)

It's Just me! said...

Oh that's what that crunch was!! Don't worry though, I've eaten wood chips in my chocolate shake!! Only got a few tongue splinters from Mom's wooden spoon after she shoved it in the blender to mix things up more!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

So funny, sprinkles like mouse poop. haha I laughed hard at that one, the cookies look great, none-the-less and who hasn't eaten some egg shell (or mouse poop) for that matter in their lives?

No more snow!

lera said...

That's funny. I'm glad I didn't eat them, though. Too many months of morning sickness has given me a weak stomach to things like that! They look good, though. Minus the egg shells. (Let's just hope all the shells sunk to the bottom of the batch.)

vickla said...

Lola, you're a gas!! I'm with Jill...they must add something your body needs...Calcium? Lucky they weren't ostrich eggs! Wish I were home to get some for Valentine. Do they rival Margene?

Lola...again said...

Nothing rivals Margene!

jen b said...

way to think fast i love it. sprinkles to hide the eggshell. pure genius if you ask me!

Tabitha said...

I need a great sugar cookie recipe--care to share???? :)