Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Next Holiday...ApronGiveaway too

Last night...........
while dragging Tater to bed for the 4th time,

he said.....
"My not tired....My nOt TiRED!.....MY NOT TIRED!!"

Too Bad!! Even if he wasn't tired, MY WAS!!!
My is still VERY tired after working all day in the Floral (My's a little cranky too!)


Did you know that February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day?
Well it is!
I have never actually celebrated this holiday before, but this year I think it is time to start.

I am the Mother of many children (don't fall asleep because you've heard this one!) 6 of my own and 4-6 more that are at my house on a regular basis.

Kindness is something that I would love for us all to learn more about, and what better way than having fun doing it!

Now for the hard part...What should we do? How can I teach them kindness?
Please leave me your suggestions....and you will be rewarded!!
1 lucky comment will be randomly drawn, February 17th, and a Random Act of Kindness gift will be sent to the lucky winner! The package will kindly include an apron made by me!!

Kind Aprony Goodness!!
You can't beat that!


Carrot Jello said...

I know!
Teach them kindness by example!
Works for my kids.

Busty LaRue said...

Thanks for trying to teach Marshy kindness....even if he does beat up on your baby! I sure do appreciate it!!

Neil said...

You know those cookies that are better than Margene's? Have the kids decorate some and take them to the neighbors all by themselves. Love that apron.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I think there are some sweet books about being kind. I think reading and talking about it and letting them understand people's feelings is the best way. I WANT THAT APRON! Now thats not very kind of me is it? haha

After having 8 children some "come" kinder than others. Its much more difficult to teach those that don't come with that tenderness for others. I have a couple of those and several that came kind.

There are days I wish I could go back to square 1 and start teaching some of my kids over again. And then there are days I think "Heavens NO!" I don't want to go back.

I think its hard to be a mom. I didn't used to think that . . .

Mellissa - wondermommy said...

A great way is to teach by example. I know growing up it meant a lot when our church would visit the retirement home. A lot of these people don't get to see their own children and it ususally lifts their spirits to see some youngsters. You could make some goodies to take with you. It also helps teach respect for our elders. They can teach us so much. Seeing the way the adults of our church helped these people and were kind to them had a great impact on me.

maggiegracecreates said...

I taught and continue to teach mine by being real about everything. Kindness by example. Being honest with them when I was hurt or disappointed. Explaining what hurt me or disappointed me. Letting them know that kindness and patience are rewrding on thier own without expecting them in return.

My oldest will 18 soon and I consider us very close. My youngest is almost 15 and we a gaining that closeness. THey are both giving of themselves and it touches my heart to see them reach out to others.

It will happen for yours too.

petersons said...

Sorry, I'm still trying to figure that one out! Mitchell is kind (a little to honest..but kind) and Avery is definately my work in progress on the kindness characteristic.
My Mom was always a great example for us. She would do anything an everything for someone. To this day she is always thinking about someone else's needs before her own.
You remind me of my Mom (minus the sewing for sure). She always had a boatload of kids, hers and the neighbors, and all the kids loved her and she looked out for them.
I think all of your kids are very kind and you have done a wonderful job teaching them that!

lera said...

You can take dinner to a friend or neighbor (especially an older, widowed person) or invite them to eat at your house. They always love to be around children. If you aren't up for a meal, you can make/buy a loaf of bread or cookies or pie or cupcakes. You can invite them for homemade ice cream (I know it's more of a summer treat).

Just make sure whatever you make is free of eggshells :-)

Melanie said...

Caring for animals is a great way for even the smallest of kids to begin learning about kindness. Just being careful and gentle and mindful of a pet(or someone else's pet) puts kindness into practice every day.

And here's an article from Wondertime Magazine that I really enjoyed: 4 Simple Ways to Nurture Kindness

PS: Your aprons are completely adorable. Adorable, I tell you!

Giabella Designs said...

I love that apron! I will pay it forward if I win!

It's Just me! said...

Have them take the hat off their Dad's butt! That is showing kindness. Hee hee!

I AM VERY MARY said...

Each month, mine picks a charity that interests her and then we do a little something for that charity. It doesn't matter to me that the charity for the last 19 months has been the Humane Society because I got a new kitty out of the deal!

"t" said...

just from reading your blog, i know you are a kind person and that your children will learn from your example...i am so much more patient as a grandmother than i was as a mother...and i try to teach my granddaughter to be kind in all ways...not just to other people, but to things, kind to the flowers by smelling them, be kind to the grass by walking barefoot in it...we are even kind to the moon by saying good night to it before we go to bed...=)...compassion and empathy and joy are all forms of kindness...mostly though, i hope she learns to be kind to herself...then she will always be kind to others...=)

Bonnie D. said...

The only way you can "teach" kindness is by example, I'm convinced!

I'm mom to three different personalities, with what appears to be varying degrees of kindness. But I've realized, kindness manifests itself in different ways.