Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Japanese Knot Bag

I have been seeing these cute bags everywhere, and have wanted to make one!

This morning, while checking out Some of a Kind's blog, I saw this one.....and the link to the tute for it at Show Your Workings. These are both great crafting sites that you need to check out (if you haven't already).
I'm going to make a Knot bag today....after I finish my other projects. I kind of got hooked making those felt Wonky Bags (Mom, wonky means not square...or off a little ...like me....) I have probably made 6 or more of them this week!!

I need to start sewing some spring outfits FOR ME. I keep finding cute things to make for my girls....like they need more clothes! I, alas, am too FAT for my clothes (Darn those Cadburry eggs)!!!
Hope you are all having a great spring day!!!


It's Just me! said...

I want a bag! So dang cute you will have to help me make one. (of course it will require a LOT of work and patience on your end of the deal!) I am too fat for words right now. . and jeans! I blame it on the Cadbury eggs since no other time of year can I gain this much weight so quickly!

Adrienne said...

Lola - you are too sweet. Thanks for making my day. Jenny is on my list ... gotta get past Sophia first ;-) It cracks me up how I completely police the amount of candy my kids get ... nevermind that I'm in the cabinet sneaking treats whenever they aren't looking. "What are you eaing mamma?" "Smells like chocolate ... "

Neil said...

MMMMMMM.....Cadbury.....Liberia does have some Cadbury Chocolate here. Nothing is as good as the eggs.....I am fat without the eggs!! UGH.....MOM

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! That really is a cute bag. I wish I had sewing time this week, but I've been working out in the yard...yuck! I need to get something accomplished craft-wise soon.

I can't wait to see the bag you make with the tut.

Ninja Scott said...

That's a bag?

No it's knot!

lol :P

Busty LaRue said...

So dang cute! I wish I had a printer with some printer ink so I could print a pattern.... haha. I guess I'll just have to wait until I get home.