Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tutorial Thursday!!

Yesterday I ran across some fun new tutes! Photo taken from Lila Tueller Designs
The first one is for an strip work onesie dress by Lila Tueller. Her website is beautiful, and so are her new designs for Moda Fabrics!! The other thing I love about Lila is that she is the Mother of Seven kids! (makes my six sound manageable!)

I found out about this next tutorial, and free pattern, from Wondermommy. The pattern is for the She loves me, she loves me knot handbag, from You can make this. It is free through th 21st of hurry and download it today!!

This last one is for a funny little bunny from The Purl Bee......Who couldn't use a few of these cuties???? I've got a lot of new projects!!! Gotta get sewing!!!


Anonymous said...

I love that bunny! Thanks for posting this.

Neil said...

Lola, did you know that Lila T. is Kathy Hill's neighbor on the north? Small blog world huh? Love the dress but wish we had a baby to make it for. MUM

Lila Tueller said...

Hi Lola!
I really like your name, it's kinda like mine! I love your wonderful blog, so full of great ideas! Where do you live? It sounds like you know the Hills, my good neighbors and friends. Nicole is a "wonder", and so multi-talented. She amazes me! Nice to meet you...

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

DRATS! I missed the purse tutorial!!