Friday, April 25, 2008

Better Full Than Empty!

Tonight the whole family ate at Chuck-A-Rama, the all you can eat buffet. This is one of the highlights of our St. George trip. The kids, who lovingly call it "Chuck-your-Gramma", are in hog heaven because they can eat fries, mashed potatoes, and Jell-o until their eyes fall out. I call it "up-chuck-o-rama" because I always eat too much, and then top it off with bread pudding ala-mode!

Another reason it is a good night for us is that the kids are finally full (for a minute)! We spend many hours of the day to the tune of, "Mom, I'm hungry! Can I have a snack?". This is NOT my favorite song! This is one reason it is better to be full than empty.

The other reason for the title of this post is the attention that we get whenever we go out in public with our family. We never go anywhere without being asked questions by at least one person. Last week, when we went to MacDonalds for breakfast, the lady behind the register asked, "Are you guys babysitting?"
I said, "No these are my kids."
"Wow!" She answered, "you've got your hands full!"

Two minutes hadn't passed before the mand behind us asked, "This isn't some class, or something? They're your kids?"
"Yes, they're mine! There are only 6 of them. They do look the same age because 3 of them are the same height, but they aren't!"

Sometimes we get attention because we are a multi-racial family. This one always surprises me because I forget that there is any difference, until I see people staring...or smiling too much. I start to wonder if I've spilled food on my chest again....then I remember that we stand out in a crowd.

Tonight, an older couple asked the question, then gave the famous quote, "My you've certainly got your hands full." When we sat down, and watched the chaos around us, I couldn't help but think.....better full, than empty!


Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Isnt that touching I got a little verclempt. but with my soon to be three under three I also get the hands full statement alot. I love that my hands are full and that I have these beautiful babies in my life. I guess we are to much alike you and I. hope your vacation is going better than last weeks.

Busty LaRue said...

YAY!! Lola has internet on vacation! Does this mean you got the Mac to work??

Cocoa said...

As my husband says, "Full as a bull and twice as stinky." Whatever that means. I so agree with your feelings on fullness!

Adrienne said...

Yes - better full than empty! I'll take that any day :)

Neil said...

The older you get and the more empty your nest becomes...the more you are glad you have sooooooo many kids. Swimming..Sun...and Bread pudding ala mode!! Just can't beat it... MUM

kathi d said...

"Better full than empty"


Hey It's Di said...

Yeah, I'm all about staying full. I may have to take in a few strays when I'm old and feeling empty. Either that, or just eat a lot to feel full?!

lil' miss martha stewart said...

i agree better full than empty

lera said...

I am familiar with those comments. And the "1-2-3-4-5-SIX??????" comments, too. I am so happy to hear some people can count to six. I think I should applaud them next time. (Oh, my favorite, "Haven't you heard of cable TV?" asked IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN at a restaurant in front of loads of people. Nice. Really nice.)

I would much rather have my hands full of lovely children than empty. I am blessed every day.

Jill said...

Love your comeback!

My husband calls it "Up chuck a rama" also.