Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grandma's Purse

I mentioned, a couple of days ago, that I was working on the pattern for the "Vicki" purse. It is for my Mom who, with my Dad, is serving an LDS mission in Liberia. In a few weeks their 2 years of service will be over. They will be home!!! I've got to get working on the perfect purse for her!

It seems like my Mom has always had a giant purse with lots of compartments that she can't ever find anything in....she has to shake it, listen for the jingle, to find her keys. Heaven forbid if her cell phone rang!!!! She'd never find it in time!!!

While drawing sketches of my ideas my mind wandered (big surprise). I started to remember my Grandma Hill's purse. She was a fancy lady. She always had matching shoes and purse. When Mom and I would go out shopping with her she would let me clean out her purse on the drive. I'm sure it was to keep my pre-school self busy so that they could talk!

What was in Grandma's purse?

-She had a wallet that was heavy with change. She played bridge every week with her club friends. She was good at it too...that is where all of the change came from!

-She had a hanky. She would sometimes spit on that hanky to wash a spot off of my face. I can still remember the smell of a freshly scrubbed, Grandma spittle'd face! ewwww!

-She had some hard candy and a roll of mints. I would always eat a mint only to find that they were really Rolaids.

-Lipstick, pens, and more change!

The thing I loved the most was looking through the photo's in her wallet! She had fun pictures of all of her Grand kids. Most of my cousins lived out of the state so I loved to see them in Grandma's purse.
I remember what her purse smelled like....Avon perfume and spit hanky!
I miss Grandma!


Blakely said...

Grandma purses are the best. I can remember both of my grandmothers always having gum in their purses. Gum was something my mother did not let me have, but I always knew my grandmothers would let me have it.

Hey It's Di said...

Yep! That was Grandma's purse all right! She even had fancy nail polish (a bit more in the orange color though). I remember getting her purse for her. She would give us quarters to go get PENNY candy!

And who will EVER forget that spitty lipstick smell under their nose? (we must have always had a dirt spot there or something).

Anonymous said...

That is great to have such a wonderful memory about your grandmother's purse.

My mom has one of those bags that has everything,but the kitchen sink in it and she can never find anything.

I'm currently posting about my Jenny bag. I finally got it made and love it!

Neil said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane...Mom always had a pair of red shoes to match. Dad always gave her the shoes and purse to match for Mother's Day. Lots of memories of all the lunches those coins could buy for us. Glad she was such a great bridge player. MUM

Bonny said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

My Nana always had Vicki mints and dental floss, Oh and dont forget her fancey Stain your lips(or mikes forehead) Lipstick Cant wait for grandma to come home I allways need her floss.

I AM VERY MARY said...

Rolaids are the best mints EVER.