Sunday, April 20, 2008


This week, instead of going "Electronic's Free", I decided to give Green tips in honor of our EARTH!

Today's tip: Re-use plastic grocery bags! For info see the Earth Day site.

In our house, we buy a lot of groceries each week. To save money I stopped buying small garbage bags and using my grocery bags instead. I made a Bag holder, from this tutorial, that we stuff FULL when we unload our food. This helps to keep them nice and organized for reuse.
There are also many tutorials for Fabric Grocery totes. I would love to do this, but the logistics of hauling 10-20 of these into the store with me each week???? Maybe when we get a Grocery Store in town, and I can go more often.


I AM VERY MARY said...

At our local grocery store, there's a bin outside for recycling these plastic bags - nice, I think!

Jess in MA said...

Oh, Earth Week- cool! I finally caved an bought some re-useable grocery bags from Trader Joe's (I don't know if you have those near you, but if so I recommend). Anyway, I was totally shocked that I love them- they carry about 1.5 bags worth of stuff, which greatly reduces the number of trips from the car to the second floor apartment. An advantage I hadn't considered in doing my green duty. So, maybe try them and see, or buy two and see if you like them. You do have to remember them when you go, though, the only drawback- organization.

Thanks for the Earth reminder!

lera said...

We buy almost everything at the wholesale club, which doesn't use bags, which I feel is helps the environment, as I recycle most of the packaging as possible. I rarely go to the regular grocery store unless there is something I can't find at the club. (I guess I do go to Walmart, too.)

Mymsie said...

Cute! I made one too.

Becky said...

Hi! Not sure how I got here from there, Sew Mama Sew perhaps?

Anyway, we also save our plastic sacks and dontate them to the foot pantry for use. But for the grocery shopping, where we get so many of them, we do not use plastic and carry our totes.

I wanted to tell you that our totes fold up fairly flat and I put them all inside one, so that I am just carrying the one tote, full of the other totes. I keep them on the floor of my back seat, and on my way to the grocery store I move them to the front seat so that I don't forget to take them in :)

It is a light load which I just put in the front seat of my cart, or the bottom of the cart, so they do not get buried when it is time to bag groceries. I've been doing this for over a year and it is not one bit inconvenient.

Just thought I'd share.

Happy Green Week to you!!

Bonny said...

hi Lola! I did a green week on my blog a few months back. It was grand. I mostly did it for myself and now I'm obsessed with being green.

I like to use my plastic sacs for packing when I move. They work great as padding with my dishes or other breakables. Who needs bubble wrap?

Molly said...

I have been wanting to make some of those grocery bags. I did get some cute fabric at Walmart for $1/yard its just not great quality, but might work for that. I don't quite need 20 yet, so I should get started now.