Friday, April 18, 2008


Before I left for my fabulous-sun filled-vacation-with-children, I gave bloggers new auto-post feature a try. I wrote a couple of posts ahead and told blogger what day to post them for me. I am thrilled to find that it worked!!!

Our trip started out as a beautiful thing!!
**cue the singing angels**
The new mode of automatic transportation (SUV) was a dream. All of the lugage fit in the back, not on top like the van. The kids each had a new set of headphones with which to listen to the dvd player. We had a brand new video that the kids hadn't seen, and plenty of treats!

The first 2 hours of the drive were pure bliss!!! There was not a whine---practically not a sound--to be heard. Even the baby watched the movie!! The next 3 hours were filled with a baby crying for "boom-boo" (that'd be "boob" in breastfed baby speak) "Mama!! MaMa!!! Boom Boo!" Then there was the inevitable.."how much longer?" "This is taking forever!"
Ate too much fast food. Swam outside in 50 degree weather--with a nice northerly wind. Played on the indoor playground.
Here is a pic of the twins enjoying the slide. You can't tell, but they are both bawling!!!
We didn't get sunburned because it was too cold. We didn't get kicked out of the hotel....but that was a surprise to me. We didn't get lonely as everyone from up north had come down south for Spring Break. We didn't sleep much. Why do babies HATE sleeping on vacation???
This is a picture of where Tater slept. He wanted to sleep on the floor, next to the bed..not IN the bed. During the night his brother thought he could hear someone bouncing a basketball.................. turns out it was actually Taters head (bouncing???) in the night stand!!!

The drive home was similar to the drive there, except the baby was much more creative with his food requests...."!" then he'd laugh like he was telling a joke. I'd hand him a cookie, which he would throw, then more frantically request Boom. We finally gave in and stopped for a boom-break. The kids got out and ran around while I settled in with baby. Naturally, he didn't really want b-b, he wanted to lock and un-lock the doors...repeatedly!! I said, "Boomy's goin' bye-bye." He didn't care.......until we put him in his seat.....everyone all strapped in, and drove away....."MaMa!! BBBbbbbbbbboom-booo!!"

It was a pretty good trip, all things considered. Can't wait until next thursday to go back! OHHHHHHH YES!!! Same city, same hotel, same family!! It is our family reunion with Lego Man's side of the family!! At least this time Lego won't have meetings!


Busty LaRue said...

YAY!! You're back! You're back! You're back!!! I need your help!! PLEASE??? We'll talk tomorrow...YAY!!!

Busty LaRue said...

Oh, and cute picture of Tater in the nightstand. And I can't help but laugh at baby's sad tale. So sorry. But glad you all made it home alive! :)

kathi d said...

Well, that is dang cool! I didn't even know Blogger had an autopost feature.

My mom used to always put pillows and blankets on the floor because I went through a period of falling out of bed but not waking up, so I slept right where Tater did, night after night.

Neil said...

Wow, that sounds like such a fun you can't wait to go again. This time you will have all the Lego Family to help keep the kids busy. You might get to go to a great quilt shop or something. Looks like fun to me!! MUM

Abbey said...

I'm glad you're I can blog stalk you some more!!! I used to be a closet blog stalked but thanks to you Lola, I am coming out of the closet! Looks like you had a great trip!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Lola Dont worry soon your mum will be home to help you with your little ones. And Deer Valley might actually be normal. Oh isnt it amazing how much fun things are when the boss is actually there.