Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This has been a test of Lola's Emergency Broadcasting System. This was only a test!
Had this been an actual Lola Emergency, you would have been instructed where to send you stash of Diet Coke, Chocolate, and Fabric!!!

Hello! I got these 2 books last weekend. I've read them both..cover to cover!

*Sew What Skirts- What a fun, and easy to follow book. I read it, and have been inspired with many great ideas. I quickly drew up a pattern, with my own measurements. The book walks you through every step. Within one hour I had a new A-Line skirt....that fits perfectly! (pic turned out bad. Legs too white)

I have another skirt cut and ready for tomorrow!

*The Creative Family-WOW! I am so moved by this lovely book by Amanda Soule. I am also a little bit depressed too because I KNOW I'll never be able to be that kind of Mom! She is amazing! I am glad that I read this when I did though, as it has given me material to use to entertain, teach, and occupy the kids in the coming weeks!

Here is the Apron I made for the swap. It will be hard for me to send because I am in lurve with it! I made some cute accessories to go with it, but I don't want to show until I send it all off!

My socks, for the Sock Swap arrived today and will be shipped in the next couple of days too! Heh heh! I love sending, and receiving mail!


Tracy said...

Love the apron! I've just ordered the SewWhat skirts. I'm itching to get a stitchin with it

Sabii Wabii said...

Ahhh Haaah! You were teacher pet! I just went and checked and they aren't due til the 9th!!!
Now what do I's 11 pm and I just had an adrenilin serge! Just have to go blog surfing I guess!

Busty LaRue said...

YAY! I'm so glad it was just a test of the Lola Emergency Systems, and not a real emergency. Although, I probably could have rushed you some chocolate and a Diet Coke. Maybe I'll trade you some of that for some help with my bag?

Adrienne said...

Love the apron! Too cute. I have the skirts book too ... need to dust it of and get to making another skirt. I've been debating the Soule book ... I'm afraid it will make me feel terrible - you know "how am I going to do this' kinda terrible ... hmmm ... glad this was just a test - I was getting worried :-) the diet coke was ready ... chocolate only if it was a true emergency! ha!

Tonya said...

I need to check out that Sew What Skirts book, I have heard lots of great things about it in blogland!

The apron is adorable, I would want to keep it too!

Neil said...

Love the apron....and the quilt it is hanging around with. I have always wanted to do a red and white. That might have to be the one I do when I get home. Sorry, can't help with the DC emergency, Got one of my own. MUM

sharleen.2cupsofcoffee said...

I just read the Creative Family this past weekend too. I love her big craft bureau, the list of resources in the back (checked out several of them from the library...) and the idea of the kid art show. Good reads.

Gift of Green said...

Yes...Creative Family does leave me feeling like a bit of a slacker, but hey, at least I'm line drying my clothes! :) Thanks for joining!

wondermommy said...

I've gotta find time to make a skirt...I've had that book and never sew for myself.

That apron is gorgeous...I wouldn't want to let it go either.