Monday, May 12, 2008

Naughty Kids??? Ask The Experts for Help!!

Mothers Day was a dream!! I was still basking in it's perfection when I woke Monday morning. My Husband noticed that I was in an exceptionally good mood, for a Monday morning, and asked why. Well....I am just so thankful to be a mom to such wonderful kids, of course!
When DH arrived home for lunch at noon, my spirit was already broken! The children had gone from being Mommy's Angels to being Pure Evil. I know that you know what I mean. They were BAD!!!
I decided it was time to brush up on my parenting skills, with the help of Dr. Google. I go to him whenever I need answers to life's mysteries.
One of the first things I found was the story of Gryla.
Picture of Gryla by Hlín Gunnarsdóttir in Barnanna hátíð blíð
Centuries ago, Icelandic parents were trying to deal with Naughty children too. They would tell the story of the Ogress named Gryla. She had 13 evil sons that would kidnap naughty children for her to cook in her Naughty Child Stew, for which she had an insatiable appetite.

I don't really agree with eating people...especially if their bad! (They probably taste like chicken.)

Russia used a similar tactic in the 1990's. A series of scary books was published. They told the fate of boys and girls that did naughty things, for example

"If you are greedy as old and don’t share balls
probably you would be eaten by wolves”.

I don't know about you, but I think greedy old people that do share their balls probably SHOULD be eaten by wolves!

I'm certain, in my family, that telling my kids scary stories will only make them wake me up in the middle of the night with their shrieks of terror. That is not a way to make me think they are LESS naughty!

The next site is advice from an expert in his field........?

India Parenting's Dr. Balasubramanian answers some questions that are frequently asked by parents of Naughty Children:

Q: My child is very naughty. He doesn't listen to anyone. Even the
teachers complain about him. What should I do?
Niharika (Noida, India)

A: Children are meant to be naughty. Do not discipline them. Do punish
him if he does something dangerous but otherwise, let him grow as a normal
Dr. Balasubramanian

I've decided to take Dr. B's (I'm not typing that name again) advice and do nothing about the behavior of my children....especially if teachers complain! Well, Maybe not!

I guess it is back to JoJo, and the Naughty Corner, for my kids!
( They are starting to wear a hole in the Naughty corner carpet from spending so much time there!)

Any suggestions from my blogger friends are welcome and appreciated!!


Tracy said...


my suggestion mmm buy thicker carpet for the naughty corner!

My mum used to threaten us the gypsy's would take us. Didn't work on me I liked the idea of traipsing around the country with a horse drawn caravan and staying up late singing songs around fires.

Sabii Wabii said...

My son stood in the corner sooooo many times that I had swetty, oily, dirty boy forhead print in the corner! He'd lean into it with his head used to balance himself! I had to 409 then paint it before we moved!
The gypsy caravan didn't work either....I have the kids that wanted to run away to the circus!
Since I adopted all of mine, the older two didn't call us Mom and Dad right away. I was really grateful the day before Christmas standing at the register, writing out my check in K-Mart when I turned to find my two lovely young girls fist fighting on the floor behind me as other shoppers watched in horror wondering whose lovely children they were. As I walked away they hollered out my name rather than Mom! Thank the Lord for that...I pretended I didn't know them!
Was that wrong?

Kathi D said...

I have your answer right here:

Hey It's Di said...

Tell them that they have to go "hang out" with Rocky in his Dog run. That should cure some of them. For the twins, withhold food & treats. That is the worst form of torture:)

Or you could pour hot molten lava on their thigh?

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

I only have the one child and he's generally lovely, but when he is naughty I tell him if he doesn't stop he will have to choose a toy to throw in the bin. The thing is, whatever "punishment" (I prefer the term "behavioural correction") you choose, you must FOLLOW IT THROUGH and carry it out!

Jess in MA said...

Oh man, some days are just like that. I've spent years as a professional nanny and there is no one way- all parents know that! Jellybelly had it right in saying that whatever you pick, stick to it. That is so key.

Another trick I use a lot is to ask the kids, 'Hey, are we acting like a family? Is this how a team works? Because I am feeling really sad about how we aren't (playing nicely, sharing, listening, helping). What do you think?' And then sometimes the munchkins stop long enough to realize they aren't acting in a way they know they can and change. Sometimes...

Tonya said...

You are hilarious! I definitely know what you mean about naughty children. Mine usually have a really bad day after a really good one, it never fails! Usually threatening to take something they really love away does the trick. For instance, my oldest lives to play golf. If he gives me a hard time and won't stop, he just doesn't get to play golf for a few days. Works like a dream : ) You just have to figure out what works for each child.

I hope they go back to being angels for you today!


Okay, the ball thing made me laugh...loudly A real live LOL!

I'll never forget one day in the store when my kids started fighting over those scented balls that they keep in the big netted display. My daughter screeched out and I quote" Mooomm, Buster won't let me smell his balls!"


My kids entire world revolves around the computer. Naturally forbidding them from the computer is the first missile in our parental arsenal.

Busty LaRue said...

I agree with Kathi! You should get the Dog Whisperer! hahahaha And if that doesn't work, take them to the zoo and tell them that naughty children get fed to the Amur Tiger....Umm, better stick with the dog whisperer.

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Just send them to China and start over that is what I am going to do.

Ringmaster said...

Scrub them with paint thinner.