Friday, May 9, 2008

Paper Doll

Found this cool site a while ago. They have added some new things since then, like this cute Matryoushka. She has 4 dolls inside all make of folded paper. The site is called Canon 3-D Papercraft. This is one of those websites that I could spend hours looking, printing, and folding!
I'm cold from spending the day in the floral. You have to keep it chilly to keep the flowers happy. I'm tired too, but it's been so much fun hanging out with my sisters! Tomorrow will be another long and busy day!
Blog to you tomorrow when it is all over!


Neil said...

Can you print them out in color like that one? What a fun thing.
It's any amount of cold to hang with you girls!! Only 22 days...wahoo!! MUM

trisha too said...

I love to visit the Lola blog--it's like you find all the things I want to see, and then all I have to do is click the link! Thanks, Lola! and--

Happy Mother's Day!