Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Employee Evaluation

Sorry! Suffering from extremely low job satisfaction right now.

The trainees refuse to comply with Managements repeated requests for greater productivity during the summer months.

Attempts to enforce any company policy is met with much discontent, and complaints are constantly being made by all parties involved.

The junior trainees have formed a union, and have completely ignored managements requests for peace in the workplace.

I would also like to report that the new-hire acts like an infant most of the time. He is slow to follow directions, doesn't complete assigned tasks, has a short temper, and is off doing his own thing most of the time. The worst part of his behavior is that he demands that management meet his constant need for attention. He sets his own hours which are almost the opposite of what they should be. His direct supervisor is forced to work after hours with him!

I would like to submit a formal request for a raise in pay for said management.

Being a Mom is Hard!


Sabii Wabii said...

When in doubt go sew. There is a begining an and end and the ability to see an accomplished goal with complete control of the situation is soooo satisfying!

~giggle~ I only have one left!

You will survive. I'm here as proof.

Kathi D said...

When I was looking for my first job, my mother told me that she had a job where she had to keep house and cook and take care of this man's 5 children, and had to sleep with him too! (She had me going until that last part and DOH I figured it out.)

Adrienne said...

Hmm...can't pull a Donald on this gang...no pink slips either...I'd say a 2 week paid vacation is in order ;-) What? Managment is laughing? ARGGGG

queen of everything said...

when i have these moments my husband says that he will double my pay. only problem is 2 x 0=0.

Molly said...

I can't top any of those wonderful comments. Alls I can say is I hear you. I am wondering when my kids will stop yelling "MOM" all stinking day long.

Stacey said...

I agree 100%! :)

Hey It's Di said...

I think the only thing left there is to do is take an extended lunch. The only other option is maternity leave;)

"I will survive" is my Summer theme song with the kids home and them contributing NOTHING to my sanity.

Melanie said...

the great guru melanie says: "This too shall pass"

Tonya said...

Hugs Lola! You have a great sense of humor, I think that is the only way to get through motherhood without losing your mind : )

Don't forget about the closet ; )

Jessica G. said...

Oh, that was funny! And if my kids were my employees, they would've both been fired for either excessive whining or peeing on the carpet. :)

trisha too said...

Oh yes, Lola, you can have that raise--twice what I get! ;)

Once I filled out a form for something, cannot remember what, but anyway, under occupation, I listed "Vice President in Charge of Everything."

Later that year, I got a letter from some publisher saying my name had been published in a Who's Who of Professional Women!

tammiemarie said...

heehee, too funny! Here's a tip -= do NOT tabulate how many hours you spend with your children each week. You might cry. I did. :)