Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little Known Facts about Lola

When pregnant, Lola LOVES to eat chalk. Loves it more than chocolate....I's really strange. (Brown sidewalk chalk is YUCKY though!)
Lola has eaten several different varieties of flowers, and can tell you that the insides of a tulip taste like Peas!
Because her toes look suspiciously like those of a monkey, Lola doesn't get pedi's.
When the stylist (Lola's sister Angel) asks her what color she wants her hair dyed, Lola never picks one. She doesn't care what long as it covers the grey!
Upon consuming something sweet, Lola always has to top it off with something salty. Usually a few tortilla chips will do the trick. (pretty random...I know!)

You can call me Dr. Lola from now on! For years I have been diagnosing illnesses, with the help of my Physicians assistant, Dr. "Google". Recently, I diagnosed my Auntie with Sjogrens Syndrome. Her "other" Doctor (the one with the degree and stuff) sent her to a specialist. Her specialist agreed with me!!
Yes! I do make house calls!
This 6 unimportant things about me tag, was brought to you by Running with Scissors! She is funny, and an amazing artist!
I Tag: Angel because he is cool, and she cuts my hair, and she listens to me whine all of the time, and she is super funny too. You have to read her post about the doctor. Heh heh heh!
Lynsey Lou Knee deep in Poo- She is a crack up too. She is about to have her 3 baby, and for a bit she'll have 3 under 3 years old. EEEAAAKKKK!!!!
And, Busty Larue's Glitz and Glam. I know that this sounds like a porn site, but it isn't. She is funny, and crafty....and her baby is adorable!
This concludes our tag for today! Thanks Theresa! I didn't have a blog for today!


Melanie said...

Sharlene ate chalk when she was pregant with Allison

Hey It's Di said...

You diagnosed my Thyroid disease too remember?

My toes are looking a lot like that and so are my cracking feet!

lelah said...

I read once that women who eat dirt (!!) have a vitamin deficiency. So I asked Dr. Google about eating chalk... a vitamin deficiency during pregnancy causes the chalk craving!

Kathi D said...

Thanks for making me lose my lunch with that toe photo. I might lose an ounce. (but probably not)

I find that sometimes a medical degree is a distinct impediment to diagnosis. I get most of my medical education from Reader's Digest.

Adrienne said...

You sound like my DH - the first thing he goes for is his MERCK Manual whenever he hears of a diagnosis or is trying to figure something out ... we have our own copy ... actually 2! And a Grays Anatomy!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Thanks Alot LOLA!!! I have nothing intersesting in my life going on and you want me to blog it. I dont know how much I trust Dr. Google and you together I dont know if you recall your own diagnostic problem Thats right I am talking about your DS. And I think you have forgotten who colors your hair most of the time just because I am away doesnt mean I am gone forever.

Ringmaster said...

I am glad you won't be eating any more chalk. Especially in front of me.