Sunday, September 28, 2008

Do you remember....

....Saturday morning's in the 70's and early 80's???
They were the BEST years of TV yet!
Remember HR Pufnstuff, and the kid with the whiny flute that talked to him??

And Witchypoo!! I still call people that!
I mean, why settle for "Witch" when you can say "Witchypoo" has poo in it!
(poo makes everyone laugh)

Then there was the ever popular
Land of the Lost!
That was one cool show!

They lived in the cave so that they didn't get eaten by the Dinosaurs.
The Sleestack were always protecting the forbidden city.
They had a friend named Chaka......and the food was GIANT!
What's not to love!

Now we're going to look at a more realistic plot line. A Sea monster, that refuses to scare people, is constantly tormented by his older Monster brothers. He leaves the family, and is a lonely little guy until a couple of boys find him. They take him home to live in their clubhouse.
Sigmund and the Sea monsters was full of "Keeping the monster a secret" antics! Good fun!

What more can be said about Gilligan's Island that hasn't already been said!
This show is pure art!

PS. I always wanted to be Ginger, but I'm more of a Mary Ann!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

oh the good old days, I miss them

Jill said...

I loved HR Pufnstuff, and Sigmund and the Sea monsters, however, I did not like Land of the lost. The creatures were creepy.
I'm sure I've seen every episode of Gilligan's Island.
My kids recently discovered The Brady Bunch. They will watch an episode and then ask me if I saw that one. They can't believe that I've seen them all.

Busty LaRue said...

I wanted to be Ginger, too! We grew up on Gilligan's Island. My dad used to wake up at 5 AM (That's when it aired on cable at our house) and tape all the episodes for us, and then we'd watch them at lunch or after dinner.

petersons said...

I only knew of Gilligans Island...and I always liked Mrs.Howell. I guess I've always secretly awaited my old lady fate.
We LOVED Land of the Lost!
"Chaka smells Holly!"

Laurice said...

Hello - Love your blog, by the way. I loved those shows as a kid, but recently got The Best of Sid and Marty Croft from netflix with all the Saturday morning shows on it. My kids hated it! They said that they could not believe that we were forced to watch that crap every weekend! They did, however, love The Best of the Best of the Electric Company! Morgan Freeman dancing in pink bellbottoms, what could be better?

Becky said...

Oh My Gosh - thanks for the walk down memory lane. No one I know remembers those shows. So I'm happy that you do. Love the blog.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Hve you watched Gilligans Island recently? I tried to watch it the other day, painful!!

kaci said...

You, my friend, are oooold! I guess I'm not far behind ya, but I remember things like "Today's Special" and shows like that. Fun times.
How was the party?

Jessica G. said...

What, no Fraggle Rock? :)

My sister named a kitten Witchypoo. But Gilligan's Island always bothered me...just where did they get all those clothes? They certainly weren't made from coconut husks!

Cheryl said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I am cracking up!! Talk about a blast from the past. I absolutely never missed Land of the Lost. The Sleestacks would just freak me out. HR Pufnstuff, I loved that one too. But Giligan's Island. Ummmm, when it would come on my older cousin would yell out "I'm Ginger" my other cousin would end up being "MaryAnn" and yep you guessed it, i was always, always "Mrs Howell (aka Lovey)". Such is the tragic life of a kindergardner. But it's all good, I wasn't too terribly damaged.

Sabii Wabii said...

HR Pufnstuff! Where's the Banana Splitz? I belonged to their fan club. That was before I became cool and joined the Bobby Shermans and Davis Cassidy club!

Barb said...

I was a huge HR Pufnstuff fan. I was so sad when Jack Wild (Jimmy) passed away.
I also loved Gilligan's Island much to the dismay of my dad. He still rags on me about that one!

i am very mary said...

I'm more of a Mary Ann, too.

Hey It's Di said...

Now they just have dumb shows like sponges under the sea and stuff. Where did the creativity go?

I was more of a Mrs. Howell myself.
Now don't forget our more grown-up show "Zoom" that was a favorite.
"Box 350 Boston, Mass. 02134..send it to Zoom!" I've wanted to send something there lately and see who gets it!

trisha too said...

Apparently I watched way too much tv as a kid, because I LOVED all those show, and way too many more. As in really LOVED them. As in, just reading about them is making me jump up and down in my seat and sing theme songs!

New Zoo Revue? Anyone? Romper Room, too, but I think that was a local one.


Anonymous said...

Sigmund and the Sea monsters used to scare me half to death... That's just too funny!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Not to get personal about your age and all but you must have been born in 1972 like me cause I loved every single one of those shows. I actually wish they still were on so I could watch HR PuffnStuff. Ya know the place you go when things get rough! And Sigmund the Seamonster. Always on the verge of being exposed! Ahh the good ol days.