Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sittin' on my pew..

Ahhhhh! Another peaceful Sunday at church.

....or NOT!

I am a fairly calm person.
I can roll with whatever a day brings.
With 6 little kids not much ever seems to go as planned, but nothing can disturb my calm!

You know how it is. It's like we have assigned seats almost. We sit on the same bench every week. The kids are used to this, and they act accordingly. (like little maniacs that have been trained to sit relatively still for an hour)

Today someone was sitting in our pew, the one in the center section, 4 rows from the back. We were forced to sit in someone Else's small bench...
on the side
...near the front! ugh!

I now know that the church is less true from the side, near the front.
It is only completely true from center back section.
and this is how I know it......

We sent the older 3 to sit with Grandma and Grandpa (center back), and took the little boys with us (side front) Almost immediatly the 3 boys were transformed into angry demons. There were fist fights, yelling, biting, and gnashing of teeth.
It was terrible.
I considered leaving the church all together!
My faith in the next generation of "human beings" utterly destroyed!

So, if you happen to visit my church one Sunday....
Don't sit in our pew.
or you may cause the downfall of civilization as we know it.


Faith said...

You are so funny Jana! But seriously the church will be more true if you will come and sing in the choir. WE NEED YOU!! We are singing "Away in A Manger" and "Oh Come ALL Ye Faithful". If you really can't make it to the practices you can walk on up during the performance. We aren't doing anything fancy. One more practice! Is the begging working?

Scrappinfor3 said...

You are so funny. I think just about everyone has this feeling though. I know we feel totally weird sitting somewhere different. . .well, we're actually in the process of changing Churches. . .so we're totally out of our element. . but I understand anywho. My children act anything but Christ-like in Church.

Hey It's Di said...

They should do away with short squatty side pews. There should ONLY be center pews four or five rows from the back;)

P.S. Those people who sat in your pew obviously weren't converted in the "true church" section. They were wild animals!

rachel griffith said...

i thought i was gonna choke on my tea!!!

poor jana.

i am very mary said...

Now that? That was funny.

Kathi D said...

After my father died, nobody even dared sit in his empty spot next to Mom on the pew!

Who were these people who dared to sit in your spot???

Kathi D said...

I also remember this elderly lady who always sat in the very back pew. She brought a flashlight and at evening services sometimes they would shine it around, thus the kids' nickname for her, "Old Spotlight." She wore grandma-type shoes with a big chunky heel, and she must have constantly scraped her heel back and forth, because there was a fairly deep hole in the floor where her heel dug in.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Sounds like we sit in the same pew!

I have to tell you a funny story about people stilling pews. My BFF when we were in Ca. was very do not steal my pew.. She would even get mad if someone stole my Pew it was so fully how mad she would get.
One day after someone had stolen her pew she left a not on there car saying Thou shalt not steal my pew love Valarie.
I still giggle when ever I think about it!!
BTW thanks again for the cute bag.

Busty LaRue said...

Oh I hate it when people steal your pew! I also hate it when people steal the pew behind yours, because that is our pew... when we make it in time. 3 more weeks and it's back to 11 AM, and we will be more punctual for sure! :)

P.S. - who stole your pew?

Joanne said...

It's the dreaded Monday morning but I know how I can get through it, I'll take a look at Lola's Blog she's bound to put a smile on my face and yes you have not failed me you have set me up for a great day.
Joanne xx

Scrappinfor3 said...

It's your stalker again. . . I received the apron & wall hangy thing. THANK YOU! It's adorable!


I hated it when we we're late and have to sit in front of the Bishopric on the dreaded front pew.

It's awfully hard tosit with your legs completely closed that long and to try to refrain from drawing caricatures of the person giving the longest Testimony in history on your kid's Etch-A-Sketch.

momof2gr8kids said...

ARE those people wild monkeys?? BTW thanks I love my fabrics.. and can not wait to make something fun with them! :) I was pleased and tickled all at one time! you are awesome.. church sometimes seems like a huge wrestling match with kids.. or other adults.. stand sit, kneel... and by the time the hour and half is done I am so tired.. I could just nap the rest of sunday.

Sabii Wabii said...

Ahhh. PEW STEALERS! Aren't they the worst! Just when you think alls well in the world because you have some control over where you choose your seat and who's collarline you get to look at. Knowing that the lady behind you will scowl at your kids when they hang over the seat to stare at them and the one in front will pick up the crayon EVERYTIME it falls to the floor. have to switch pews! They should be tagged with a scarlet letter after service.
Guess what I got in the mail today?
I love it! As a fellow stitcher I would like to compliment your beautiful workmanship. Thank you. It was an early Birthday present.

No Cool Story said...

This is so true.
We get to church 20 minutes before it starts (I have a Nursery to set up before church starts) so no one has stolen our place for a while. Let them try!

We sit second row in the front :) away form the screaming kids in the back, yay!

Lisa said...

YES! This is how I feel about my pew! ...but preacher says we should just be happy we have visitors,and I am.

....when they aren't sitting on my pew!