Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm not worthy..

I saw Anna Maria Horners new line of fabric,
Good Folks,
at market in October.
It made me quiver!
We finally got it in at Gracie's, and I couldn't wait to start sewing with it.
The only problem was.....what to make first.
I went with Serendipity Studio's Sophia Trench, the fingertip version.
This pattern is slick!
It has very few pieces, and is cut so that you don't have to set in the sleeves.
It fits me perfectly (my teen is modeling it here).
This fabric is to die for! It is soft, and luxurious...*drools*
The next project I have to show you is
Heather Bailey's
I love this bag!!!
Everyone that has seen it loves it too!
The pattern is mostly simple,
except for the handles--TRICKY--
I think next time I would use fusible web -instead of fusible Peltex .
I would also buy some EXTRA heavy duty needles.
I broke 4.
What is you favorite pattern?


Bonnie the Boss said...

LOVE!!! tha bag! so adorable!

Jessica G. said...

Cute, cute bag! And my favorite pattern is anything that is titled "Sewing for Dummies."

Tonya said...

Oh, I just love that handbag!!! The trench is pretty too, nice and bright for the dreary winter: )

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Love the fabric.

My favortie pattern is still the Jenny Bag!

Stacey said...

You are quit the seamstress. Awesome work...I love that flower on the purse as well, did that come with the pattern?

Carrie Me! said...

OMG! Both are fabulous, beautiful job =) I love fabric flowers and yours is wonderful.
I have so many patterns it is hard to choose...but I can say that my favorite fusible for making bags is called "Fuse-a-Shade" and it is designed for making roman blinds so it comes 60 wide and I buy it at Joann's.

Scrappinfor3 said...

Everything rocks! You are so cool. Oh to find some time to sew for me. . . or to sew at all. . . Oh how I wish my body didn't need sleep!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

I thought that was teen her B's are more like D's in that flower print! I love them both.

Jillybean said...

Cute bag!
And I can't even begin to tell you how much I loathe it when I have a needle break.
I hate that almost as much as running out of bobbin thread with 2" left to go on a seam.

Annie said...

...and I bet it smells like cotton candy.

shaina said...

I love the Margaret Sling Bag. I have a link to it on my blog, where I show the latest purse creation.

I'm totally gonna try that purse you posted. I'm a bit gun shy when it comes to breaking my needle. The last time I broke one, it sounded like a gun going off and I couldn't go near my sewing machine for weeks!