Friday, February 27, 2009

Just can't cut it!

costume found here
I will be putting together a
Rotary Ninja Refresher Course
this weekend.
It should be fun, funny, and (hopefully) posted on Monday!
Do me a favor, practice at least one Ninja move on someone this weekend...
just outta the blue go all ninja on your family.


Carrie said...

I hope those ninja daggers you are holding are sharp enough to cut fabric! (and Shasta was right, look how slim you are in that ninja suit!)I might have to get me one!

Kathi D said...

Oooooh, do we get to wear that uniform???

Shasta said...

heeeeeyaaaaa, ya, ya, swish, swish, grunt, chop. BOW TO YOUR SENSEI, I SAID BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!!!!!~~Shasta

Marie said...

Ooooo.... will we be making those outfits? Coz I kinda want one.....which makes me more than a little afraid.

I think I might have to go for a lie down. :P


Busty LaRue said...

Hot outfit! Can't wait for your refresher course.

JJ said...

My family already thing I've lost it. So I say why not. I gotta go now.Gary where are you I've got a new move for ya.


i am very mary said...

SO FUNNY! Earlier, even before reading this post, I asked Miss C. to karate chop her dad. No real reason. But now I know I was subconsciously moved by the power of the ninja.