Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mystery Purse Day 4

Today we are going to work on a lot of little things.
You will need your 4 handle pieces and your 2 handle accent pieces.
** If you are going to use D-rings you will need those, and your 4" x 12" piece.

**instructions for D-rings
**Step 1- Lay 4" x 12" (d-ring strap) piece, wrong side up, on your ironing board. Fold long edges over 1/2" and press them in place.

**Step 2- Fold the entire piece in half matching folded edges. Press.

**Step 3- Topstitch down both edges at 1/8".

** Step 4- Take this "strap" to your cutting board and cut it into four 3" chunks.

**Step 5- Thread each of the 3" pieces through a d-ring.

**Step 6- Sew across the strips as close to the D-ring as your presser foot will let you.

**Step 7- put your d-rings aside for now.

Step 8- Line up you Strap pieces with an accent piece in the middle. Sew them together with 1/2" seam allowance. Press seams flat.

Step 9- Take straps to the ironing board. Lay them interfacing side up. Fold long edges in 1/2", and press.

Step 10- Fold entire strap in half, matching folded edges, and press.

Step 11- Topstitch down both sides, of both straps, at 1/8" and 1/4".

Step 12- Zig-Zag ends of straps to finish the edges. Trim all stray threads.

**Step 13- Thread end of strap through D-ring. Fold strap up 1".

**Step 14- Attach strap end to strap with a tight Zig-Zag. (on top of previous Zig-zag)

Do this with all four ends of your straps!
This is all for today!
We are half way there...are you getting excited?
Only 2 More Days!!!


shaina said...

I can totally follow that!!

JJ said...

Jana, I think you forgot to put one of the steps in.
There isn't a step 7. I'm confused. I know I know that's normal for me.
Call me please.

Carrot Jello said...

Yeah, I'll um...get right on that.

Carrie Me! said...

Yay! I'm totally caught up...I'll do my best to keep up Thursday and Friday, but company arrives tomorrow. I'll have to sneak off to sew! =)

Jen Sue Wild said...

I think you are doing a great job!
I am dying here. I cant stand not seeing where it looks like.

Maybe if I would stop being a chicken and just start the darn bag before i see it finished, I might have a better Idea what it looks like.

Adrienne said...

Quick question - I'm a little behind b/c of my fabric debacle and am just getting to this step ... I was trying to zig zag the d-ring to my strap but my machine freaked out - it's too thick to go thru. Any suggestions?