Monday, March 9, 2009

Why Lego?

I have had several people ask why I call my Dearest husband
My Husband is a very handsome man! He works hard on his appearance, especially his hair! He spends quite a bit of time in fromt of the mirror each morning spraying,
blow drying,
His hair becomes this perfect helmet on his head.

He works at the city as the Finance director. When he works he often wears glasses. He looks very distinguished!

If we lived in Lego-land, I imagine, every night at bedtime he would remove his perfect lego hair,


and carefully set it on a shelf.


amylouwho said...

This is truly hilarious!!

Thanks for your kind comments about my furniture redo! If you do paint some stuff I'd love to see it. I'm thinking about posting my other repaints this week.

It's A Wonderful said...

OH, you are so funny! Perfect expalanation, thank you! I love women who are in love with their husbands...

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...


Leggo hair would be so nice for us all! Think of the time I would save each morning by just clicking my hair on!!

Karen said...

OH my God! I am LOL....and I am at work. I wouldn't even know what to call my hubby based on his hair.....maybe "big fat mess"?

Abbey said...

All of these people who wonder what it meant have obviously never seen your husband!!!! He is a very fetching man!!!

i am very mary said...

did you ever see the snap-on toupee thing? ha!