Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At Last!!!

Here are some of the pics from our photo shoot last week.
It's only about half of the patterns from the shoot.
I'll post all of them on our Izzy & Ivy blog in a few days.

Phew! We're just about there with the patterns for this collection!!
Let me introduce you to the girls;
This is my (gorgeous) partner Lauralee (we call her Farrah) holding
The Sassy Connie Bag
It is really deep, and holds a ton of purse goodies. This is the bag that I carry most often right now.

This little set is called
Gabriella Dress and Pantlets
It is great as an outfit, and as a Pajama Set.
It is SUPER easy to make!

In the picture below is my darling great-niece Gabriella and my little Macy Lu.
Both of them are wearing the
Avery Olivia Jumper.
I am in love with this picture!

They really are good buddies, and play so cute together!

Farrah has two beautiful daughters that modeled for us.

This is her oldest wearing the

Kayla Bubble Dress

The pattern is for 2 lengths; the dress
and the shirt that Macy is wearing below.

I could just squeeze her!
The last one of my patterns for this set is named
The Princess Bella Dress
Worn by Gabby......and her blue eyes!
Yes! She has naturally curly red hair...sigh!
And Kayla is wearing the same dress made of a luscious washable silk.
Doesn't it look sweet with jeans?
I wish you could see the fancy silver wedges she was sporting!
Such a girl!
Now I only have 1000 nore things to do,
in the next 3 weeks,
To get all of these patterns on the market!
What a dream!


creativity amongst chaos said... are my idol!

Marybelle Eunice says, You are so amazing and she wants to be like you when she grows up.

Busty LaRue said...

I didn't recognize Macy at first! The pictures all turned out great....and Gabby in the dress....LOVE IT! Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Pinktulip said...

Congratulations! This is fantastic! All the patterns look fabulous and makes me wish I had a little girl...sigh. At least you have bag patterns for me!

Kathi D said...

Wow, you guys are SUPERSTARS! Woo woo!!!!

Stacey said...

So impressive! Yes the dress/shirt with the jeans on is beautiful!

Anonymous said...
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Molly said...

They are all great! Can't wait to make some up for Pinkie!

shaina said...

those are beautiful!!!

Carrie Me! said...

The photos are gorgeous!
Love the bag, that is definitely a pattern I'll purchase.
Your bags are so practical...I still carry my Mystery sew-a-long bag all the time! Love it!

It's A Wonderful said...

They're all beautiful! Congratulations! I'll have to pass on your Izzy & Ivy website to the local quilt shop.

Angela said...

Hi LOLA!!! I just saw all the new designs on izzy and ivy blog... ADORABLE! You girls are awesome. I am amazed at some of the designs you guys come up with and I want them ALL! LOL!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Not only is everything sooo fun but, you have adorable models!

Kathi D said...

I use my mystery sew-along bag all the time, too! And everybody that see it loves the design.

Lynsey Lou said...

Gabby was so excited to see herself on the computer she said mom Im a super!! I love it she is a natural! I love the clothes to I will buy the outfits that gabby is sporting and I wont take no for an answer.

trisha too said...


Anonymous said...
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Jen said...

oh my gosh, I'm in love!!! How do I get my hands on these cute patterns?!?!