Monday, October 5, 2009

Market or Bust!

My Camera is dead...
so I tried to to find some pics from the net that would work.
The trailer is ready to be loaded. It leaves first thing Tuesday morning!

My husband and I are having so much fun loading it!

I hope the patterns are finished being printed,
or we'll have to pack them with us on the plane!

Mom is letting us take her good iron with us
so that the samples will look their best.

Speaking of samples..
does anyone have any extra boxes???
We have so much to load!

PS. I want you all (that are coming to market) to stop by our booth and say "Hi"!


Faith said...

Have fun! And just think, you DON'T have to get a sub for primary. AMAZING right!

Blakely said...

Have fun and enjoy your time at market.

Ringmaster said...

Oh I am sooo sad that I don't get to come. At least I have a cute baby to look at.

Kathi D said...

Yay! Have fun and sell a lot! Wish I was going.

Sabii Wabii said...

I wish you the best at market. Post as soon as you can so I can hear all about it. Make LOTS of money and contacts!

Stacey said...

good luck..can't wait to hear all about it!

Kathi D said...


I knew you were going to be a STAR!!!!!

Molly said...

Yipee I saw that you won best new exhibitor booth! I am so not surprised. Hope you guys had fun!

trisha too said...

i would SO stop by and say hi--yay you!!!