Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Teacher Gifties?

If Lola was a school teacher do you know what she would want her students to bring her as gifts?

Decadent Chocolates....

or a lovely little bauble from Tiffany's

Maybe even these Christian Louboutin Feather and Satin Pumps.


Lola is a Housewife!

Now, what should I do for my kids teachers? I owe them BIG!

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b. said...


kheaney said...

Hey lady! I loved this idea from Blue Cricket Design http://bluecricketdesign.blogspot.com/2009/12/mulling-spice-gift-bag.html
I added a $10 Starbucks gift card(have you seen their cute gift card holders??)and an ornamanet. One of the teachers really liked it. I will give the other teacher's their bags tomorrow.
kristin :D

Jenny said...

Oh, thanks for reminding me. If you come up with anything fab will you let me know. I am so behind. Did I mention that I suck!!!!!

Kira said...

I made little cosmetic bags from scraps and then filled them with soaps and lipglosses from the dollar store, you can see them here http://kirabell.blogspot.com/2009/12/well-its-alright-to-be-little-bitty.html

Or I second the Starbucks gift cards - yum!!! Or what about those lovely ornaments you made tutorials for? Those are great too!!

Kira said...

Oh!! Have the child write a thank you letter to the teacher, saying what they enjoyed learning this year. I know that sometimes a sweet note/letter is so much more meaningful than a item. As the Christmas saying goes "Remember This December, That love weighs more than gold"

Amy said...

Here are my two ideas.

The first is what I make for tutors, bus drivers etc. I buy the little bags of soft peppermint sticks from Walmart. I decorate them with ribbons or a simple little fabric bag that I make, then I print up a card with this wonderful recipe on it,


So far it's been a big hit.

The second thing I've done for teachers is make these adorable apple shaped bags filled with mulled cider spices. I put them in a little basket with oranges, and a few other little treats like cookies or candy.


Kathi D said...

My sister teaches pre-school and one of the favorite gifts among her and her fellow teachers is gift cards--for bookstores, Starbuck's, and such. They trade them with each other--my sister doesn't drink coffee, so she trades those for bookstores, etc.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I usually make a bracelet for the teachers, but am rethinking that plan this year. I haven't quite decided what to do.

Abbey said...

My husbands favorite things so far in his 6 years of teaching: Super yummy caramel corn, itunes gift cards, gift cards to some local diners, and Mountain Dew. He could care less about anything cute or crafty.

Lindsey said...

I taught for 8 years.

GIFT CARDS! I loved any kind, like for the mall, a certain store, itunes, starbucks (fabulous hot chocolate too!), and staples or any office supply store.

I really liked receiving gift bags full of fun supplies that we don't get very often, like our OWN ream of colored paper, good/colorful white board markers, cutesey paperclips (female teachers only!), cleaners and sanitizers, etc.

I really didn't like getting chocolates--we just get so much sugar from everyone else--unless it was HIGH quality, like Sees or something European. I also didn't like mugs, jewelry, smelly stuff (lotions, candles, etc), and stuffed animals. Sorry if that sounds ungrateful, just trying to help!

The best thing was a hand-written letter/card from the student even if there was no gift attached. I saved so many of those!