Saturday, January 16, 2010


Got the news today that our friend, driver, translator, and protector while in Haiti-
Franz Denis and his family are alive!!!
Finally some good news!
Still searching Earthquake photos, message boards, and lists for-
Yvronne Jean and her 4 children with the last name Florville
This is a picture of the first time we met her. That little Chunk-muffin she's holding is our son Taylor (Emmanual Jean) Nielson.
Such a beautiful and strong woman. I love her. I am worried about her and her children.
We are also still waiting for information about-
"Nasson" Cherystal Jean-Dimy (cousin) and his mother,
Garfield Titus (friend) and his family.


Amy - Park City Girl said...

Glad for some good news for your family - big hugs! xoxo

lesthook said...

Wonderful! Hoping the others are ok and just lost in the crowd. I have been watching CNN since this morning. My BIL is or will soon be there with a unit out of Ft. Bragg. My prayers are being said

lesthook said...

How could I forget
to say how adorable your son is!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I will keep them in my prayers. Hang in there!

b. said...

Such good news!

Hoss and I were watching the news last night. They said there were 400,000+ orphans in Haiti-I can't remember if that was before or after the earthquake. Heartbreaking!

How do you think this will effect the Haitian adoption process?

Kathi D said...

Well, thank goodness for SOME good news. Still praying for you to find the rest of the family. Hugs to Tay-tor. What a precious little (well, not SO little!) bundle he was back then!

END said...

很好啊 ..................................................

Faith said...

Touching photos.

Pinktulip said...

I pray that all your friends are OK. Looking forward to more good news soon.

PS: Love your new Blog Header! I was such a big Love Boat fan in the day!

trisha too said...

it was hard enough there for most people before the quake . . . some good news is always a blessing.

Mr. Chunk Muffin, adorable as always!

Pretty Things said...

Very happy he's found!