Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year= Spew Year!

I'm sorry, but the brilliant and witty post I had planned
has been cancelled due to the

Great and Terrible Nielson Family Barf-O-Rama
of 2009.

With six of the eight of us sick on New Years Eve...
and New Years Day....
we were unable to celebrate.
Without my New Years Rockin' Eve, and my glass of sparkling Apple Juice, I'm just not getting that New Year feeling.

Maybe next week......



I have heard of people getting stuck in a decade.
Maybe this is it for me.
Although, if I am going to be stuck in any decade I choose the 80's.
Great music,
Big Hair,
and really bad fashion.
I was good at doing the 80's thing.

ps. The reason for the Love Boat tribute header is that we are going on our cruise next month.
The cruise was changed to a Carnival cruise of the Mexican Riviera. I get to go where those happy Love Boaters vacationed!
I only wish that Issac could be our bartender!


Joanne said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon.
The eighties would be the decade to be stuck in.

Kathi D said...

You should have told me. I would have had the apple juice in your honor. Well, not really. I would still have had Diet Coke, but I would have pretended it was apple juice in your honor.

I hope you don't get stuck in the 00's--that would be a sad place to be caught.

It's A Wonderful said...

You're a scream! Yes, I had big hair and a cute body in the 80s. I now just have the big hair. Not really.

A cruise! I really hope you don't run into "Fantasy Island," Tattoo is kind of creepy!

Carrot Jello said...

exciting and new.
Come and baaaarf,
we're expecting you!
Barf, life's grossest gift.
Let it flow...
um, I think I'll stop right there. it can't get any better.

The Peterson Family said...

I told you Avery was not having anxiety! Sorry. I really do hate playing pass the barf.
But Carrot Jello's comment should give you a good laugh...It did for me!

trisha too said...

ah, yes, the good old days of kid barf.

now the rule is, you throw it up, you clean it up.

gives them more motivation to make it to an appropriate puke receptacle.

and yes, i will gladly hang out in the 80's with you any day! Just let me get the hairspray . . .