Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Castle Peeps!

See this girl? She's My girl! (one of them anyway) She's 9.
I don't know if you can tell it from her picture, but she is one of a kind.
She is totally her own person.

She is tiny. You would think that, for all of the growing pains she has in her legs, that she'd be 6 feet tall.

For years there has been a constant debate about how we are going to decorate her bedroom. She has been wanting Volkswagen Bugs racing around the top of the room, and Mario brothers on the bottom half....uhhhhh...with some flowers thrown in there too.

I keep delaying the remodel because I can't stomach the thought of my darling girl in the above mentioned room or horror!

There was a small miracle tonight, whilst (heh) I was flipping through the Bloggosphere. I happened to stop on Andover Fabrics site, and Macy said "That's how we can decorate my room!
In the blue fabric!"
CASTLE PEEPS!!! By Lizzy House
"And we can make that quilt, but with a moat."

(free pattern here)
"Then we can paint a tower on the wall, with a moat, and with Princess Peach inside......and the Mario Brothers trying to save her. Mom, do you know what a goomba is? We could paint some of those too....."


Bonnie the Boss said...

She is adorable!!! I have a friend who does amazing wall murals. Let me know!

Anonymous said...

I loved the VW idea...but am also a huge fan of knights and castles and horses and revelry.
It is wonderful she wants to be one of a kind.

Pinktulip said...

Love kids with attitude! A strong woman in the making here. Seems you have some work waiting for you!

Busty LaRue said...

Okay, I totally love the idea of the cute fabric with the tower and the moat on the wall...and Princess Peach. Because Princess Peach is just like only the coolest princess ever! haha :)

Sara&Eva said...

It's a very good choice, maybe she will be a designer!

Amy said...

what a Fantabulous quilt pattern! Love it! She has a great imagination! She is only going be be more fun the older she gets!

Mary Anne Drury said...

OMG !!! I just LOVE that kid !!! I think she and I think on the same wave lengh !!!!

Melody said...

I love the VW Bug idea! I drive a silver Bug!

Kathi D said...

It's sounding pretty good to me!

Pretty Things said...

SO cute!

trisha too said...

She reminds me of a little someone I used to know, who is now a 15-year- old someone.

And let me tell you, it's not any different as they get older, but a child that can think for their own self is a VERY good thing!