Sunday, February 21, 2010


OK! I have to break from the cruise posts because I'm waiting to get the disc with everyone's pictures on it. It will be much more fun that way!

I have to admit that I've been in a bit of a creative slump lately.

I have had NO desire to create anything.

I haven't had any all.

Nothing to show.


And the Laundry. I think that the Laundry is mocking me!

Do you think it is the weather? Maybe I should move to where the sun lives year round.

What do you do when your in a slump. Help Me!


Jackie said...

I don't fret too much, your mojo will return!! Have no fear!

Annie of Blue Gables said...

Most likely, you are experiencing the equivalent of jet lag, mentally?
You have poured all your energies into this cruise, and now it is over.
I find when I feel uninspired, I clean my sewing room. Just putting things back into their places, I find stuff that once inspired me, and other stuff that no longer inspires me. I either donate that to DI, or to a lady who LOVES to do things with her hands and lives in the care center.

I believe you work at the sewing center Dave's is it? Do the people coming in ever share their projects with you?

I have a humongous task ahead of me, a precedent which I started last year when the first of 15 grandchildren turned 8 and was baptized. I made her a quilt. Not just a tied thing, it was pieced, intricately and quilted.
so, I am on the constant look-out for anything I can do that equals this for the other 14.
Two coming up next year, so I have to get on the stick.
There is sunshine in the center of Utah, West Desert, if you'd like to come visit. :D

Jen Sue Wild said...

When am in a slump.. I walk in the fabric store and look at all the new fabrics and the ideas just start rolling.
If that dosent work I read a novel and eat truffels.

If that dosent wor I go and buy a few new shoes.

Cant wait to se more pix..

Mary Anne Drury said...

Eat chocolate......

casserole said...

I use my slump time to clean my sewing space. When I'm in a creative mode, I tend to just fling fabric and threads and scraps everywhere. When I'm done it looks like someone has barfed fabric all over my room. Slump time gives me a chance to restore the order to the room and to my brain. And while I'm cleaning up I typically find myself re-inspired by the way my scraps and piles combine on the floor.

Pinktulip said...

Love you colorful new header! I have just come out of a looong slump, so now how you feel! I hate it. But could not find a solution for ages. Seems I just needed some new inspiration and this weekend I was going at great speed again.

Kathi D said...

WOW! You just knocked me out of my slump with that dazzling new header!

I managed to get a little creative spark back with my decluttering binge. I wouldn't suggest you go all OCD on it like I did, that's just crazy! But like the smart ladies above me said, tidy up the sewing space a little, and you might find some things you forgot you had that will inspire you to get going.

Meanwhile, there's nothing wrong with TAKING A BREAK! As if you really could, anyway, with everything you have going on! But really, there's no need to push yourself to be creative all the time--your ideas will be flowing soon enough. You are DA BOMB!

Kathi D said...

P.S. Just make sure there's plenty of Diet Coke in the fridge.

Amy said...

Don't fight it! Just go with it and forgive yourself for it! One day you will have idea pop into your head without even trying! So go enjoy some good food, a movie, a book, pour over trashy magazines, find new blogs to read, go for a walk! Your mojo will come back soon!