Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I, in and emotional moment today, told the kids that tomorrow we will be cleaning all day
and they can't have friends over,
or play on the computer..
or do anything else that might be fun.
And I am sure we will eat Non-sugar cereal for breakfast,
and have the off brand of Mac-N-Cheese for lunch.
And we will probably only get to watch PBS,
and listen to easy listening radio.
And I will not use fabric softener in the laundry so their towels will be scratchy
and I'll take a long hot shower before bed so that theirs will be luke warm.
Then I'll lick my lips before I kiss them goodnight...ew!

all because they said Mom
in that tone of voice
too many times today.

Why did I punish myself.


Kelly said...

wow so I'm not the only one who punishes like that. lol Some days I just have to change my name

Amy said...

Is PBS a punishment?! Uh oh! That's all we watch!
Don't worry we all do this!!!!

Lizard said...

You are UH-mazing!!! I love you!!

queen of everything said...

nice, it is always good to see other parents hand out those punsishments.

trisha too said...


And I can handle any of the others, too, but

PLEASE, no, NOT easy listening! Anything but that!

No, mommy, no, don't do it!!!!!!