Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Four Things.

My helpful advice that I have been saving up to share with you.
You are Welcome.

1- Toilet Paper- there is a proper way to put it on the roller. Learn it. Do NOT forget it. Practice it in good health.
Read hilarious article HERE.

2- "Candy" bars that are 90% Cocoa are NOT for human consumption.
 Dark Chocolate = Good

90% Cocoa = Pure Concentrated Evil

3- If someone asks you to "Smell my finger"- don't.
        I've been fooled by this one before.

4-Only buy Dark colors of underwear if you have young boys in your family. 
                                                                   You can thank me later.


  Remember, I tell you these things because I care about you.


Bonnie the Boss said...

I have 5 boys, and I agree to all of the above. But the first one, I am just pleasantly surprised when the roll ends up on the spindle.

Mom of twelve said...

I always new there was a right and wrong way to put on the toilets paper. Thanks for clearing up the confusion at our house.

Rhanda said...

So agree with #1 !!!! I am guilty of "correcting" the direction the paper rolls at friend's and family's houses. I mean, really? Can't they see how much more efficient our way is. :-)

mormonhermitmom said...

Amen! And the dark underwear should be for litle girls as well.

Kathi D said...

My husband had to convert me on the toilet paper. It took a few years, but I went his way. Now I am the toilet paper Nazi. Over. Always over.

Dark underwear makes sense for anyone who might have an accident, because the doctors won't treat you if you have dirty underwear, and if it's dark you might could fool them into saving your life for you.

Jillybean said...

Amen to the dark underwear.
And seriously, IF the toilet paper has been replaced at all, I'm happy.

Shasta said...

I want to punch someone when the toilet paper gets put on wrong!!