Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bob the Monkey!

The kids are STILL out of school (can't they go back the day after Christmas?) There has been alot of fighting over the WII, and all of the other toys too. It is cold outside.... I've eaten too much junk and not enough roughage..... The only thing that could save the day was to make a Sock Monkey!

I haven't ever made one before....but, I am positive that THIS is the cutest one ever created! Each one of my 6 kids were sure I was making it for them. My adorable nephew, Mitchy, even offered to buy it from me for $1.50 (he had a fifty cent piece.."they are rare you know".)

The day was saved! I think I'll cuddle up with Bob the Monkey and go to bed!


Neil said...

Are you going to give us a tutorial on Bob? What kind of sox did you use? He is adorable! Love ya...Vickla

lola said...

Actually...I saw an old pattern for a sock Elephant that I might do a tutorial on!
You can use any long socks! I saw some done in stripes! I'm now on the hunt for quirky socks!
Love ya! Lola