Sunday, December 23, 2007


Did you know (I didn't) that today is Festivus? Remember the episode of Seinfield where George tells about the Holiday that his Dad made up? The Holiday, itself, is quite comical. You decorate by putting up a plain Aluminum Pole in the room. The activities include, "The airing of Grievances" in which you tell everyone how they have disappointed you in the past year. There is the festivus meal, followed by "Feats of Strength" where you wrestle the Head of Household until you pin him, or her. The holiday doesn't end until the HOH is actually pinned.

I love holidays, but I am not sure that this is one we will be celebrating this year! I don't, very much, want to know how I have disappointed people this year.......I am pretty sure I can figure that one out on my own.

Tonight is what we call, "Christmas Eve Eve". We spent the evening with the in-laws having our Christmas celebration. The little ones are so excited because they will, FINALLY, be opening presents. I almost let them open one yesterday because their constant whine was really starting to wear me down. Fortunatly, Huzz was home, and he is a stickler for holiday "rules".
On with the Party!!!

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