Monday, December 24, 2007

I believe in Santa...

Last night, as we drove to Grandma's house, the kids started fighting about Santa. Our oldest daughter was asking if Santa could be naughty. The debate in the back of the Maxi-van started.

Huzz was in good form, and ready to recite his, "I believe in Santa" speech. It is something that I have heard at least 15 times, so I am sure that I can recite it by heart! "Kids, I know that Santa is always nice. That is just the kind of person he is. Santa loves us, and he wants us to be good. He is always willing to give us a second chance to show him that we can be good. Santa loves us even when we are naughty. He loves us no matter what. Santa reminds me of Jesus. That is why I believe in Santa."

This morning I found this letter tucked into the pocket of our Santa pillow. It was written by our 7 year old that is still on the edge of belief. I hope it lasts a little longer!!!

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