Tuesday, December 25, 2007

6 Months planning...6 seconds unwrapping

This is my basement on christmas morning....but, this is how I feel all of the time! I feel like I am sitting there, in slow motion, as everything is spining around me, and past me!

6 months of thinking, planning, preparing, stewing, shopping, and it is all over with in a flash of paper and giggles. It was a wonderful six seconds. For 6 whole seconds all 6 children were happy. For 6 seconds there was nothing else in the world but newness, boxes and paper, plastic and cardboard....new toy smell. Complete chaos! Total world peace! Love for everyone! ( for 6 seconds at least...)

Red roses on the Christmas table. My Mom opened a floral 13 years ago. My sisters Angel, Dee Dee, and I worked there with her until she and Dad left for their LDS mission 16 months ago. The flowers are there to remind us of Mom and Dad, and that this is the LAST Christmas that they will spend away from us!!

I snapped a pic or two of one of Angel's trees. (I think she has pared back to only 2 this year) Her house is always gorgeous, but at this time of year it is AMAZING!

Taters was so much fun this year! I remember dreaming of this Christmas when he was still living in Haiti. Wishing for him to be with us, and knowing that this was the LAST Christmas we would have to spend without him.

Christmas eve it started snowing. It has been years since we've had a real white Christmas. This morning the sun is bright, and the sun's reflection on the snow is blinding!
So far, this has been a great day. Tomorrow we will call the folks in Liberia.....once the chaos of this day wears off a little. You wouldn't believe the noise level....unless you have kids too.


Neil said...

Lola, Angel, and DeeDee, where did your Mom come up with such interesting names for such charming girls?

Lola...again said...

My mother is named Lavicka, and my dad is Sneaky Pete. They just like interesting sounding names. They named my brothers Clotyo, and Monyo too!

Joanna said...

Lola! I totally love your blog!