Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tutorials planned.....

So far, I have just a few tutorials for the coming months;

  1. Basic Homemade Bread (yummy!!)
  2. Dog Bed and Blanket (I made one for Angels baby, and Dee Dee got a pup for Christmas)
  3. Hot pads/Pot holders (to go with all of the Aprons and Oven mitts we've already made)
  4. Sassy "Kitsch"-en Apron.
  5. Easy Tote made out of a placemat!

That's it for today! I've got Laundry coming out my ears, dishes to do, and bread to bake!


Neil said...

Your bread looks so good I can't wait for the lessons. I can almost smell it and see the butter melting as the steam rises. mmmmmmm

Lola said...

MMMMMMMM! It is SOOOOOO delicious!! Just wait until you get home...I should be really good at making it by then!!