Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Presents for the Moms

My Mother is my best friend, next to Huzz. My Mother is in another country. Not just another somewhere fun and vacation-like. My Mom (and Dad of course) are in Liberia. They have been there for about a year and a half now.....LONG TIME GONE!

I miss fabric shopping with her, and sewing with her, and gossiping with her. So, I am making her things for when she gets back!!! Surprise (or not so much now!) Mom. I just finished the (we all made these) offset square pin cushion, and set it with a vintage button.

The other item is a needle book. I copied the embroidered needle from someone's blog...I'm sorry I can't remember who. If it is yours, let me know, and I'll give you credit! Thanks!

The other "presents" were made for me by my children. I lamented, yesterday, that the laundry is never done. I was determined today to DO it!
After unloading the laundry baskets, and picking up countless pairs of socks, undies, and jeans from my kids rooms.....I realized that we need to make some new rules in our house.

Rule #1-only one outfit per person, per day. No jammies, towels, sheets, or non-clothing items.
Rule #2-see rule one.

8 people, school clothes, play clothes, sport uniforms, jammies, socks, undies........I need a bigger laundry room!!! One that will fit a recliner, TV, and a Diet Coke machine. I would get so much more laundry done if the washer would reward me with chocolate after each load!


vickla said...

What a sweet girl...sob..sob...I can't wait for the sewing sessions, cooking, fly ladying, eating chocolate and drinking dc. Love the pin looks like a button from Grandma H's dress! You really want me to know where all my needles are???

Lola...again said...

You wait until I see all of the other things.....I've been hoarding prizes for you...hee heee heee!
I've got my studio all ready for "Sew Fest 2008"!

CalicoDaisy said...

Hi there: I really can't get over how many bloggers are Diet Coke lovers! I'm in great company! That stuff was marketed in my dorm hall my freshman year - that was 1982!! I should have puchased stock along with all my DC. Only canned, very cold, and sparkly enough to make my nose run! However, Wendy's Biggie DC always makes me happy, too. -- Michele

kathi d said...

Oh my, I am a Diet Coke fiend too. Starting first thing in the morning and continuing, well, forever. And I miss my Mom too! She is both farther away and closer than your mom--in heaven. I feel sorta like since Dad and then Mom went on, that I get to have them with me all the time, and there is no distance to separate us. I still wish I could pick up the phone and call, though!