Friday, February 29, 2008

Ode to Jell-O and Days gone by!

As a lover of all things Jell-O, and keeper of the kitsch, I was fulfilling my "retro" duty of flickr surfing to find food "Art". I happened across this group called the Mid-Centry Supper Club. This assemblage fo fine people cook out of the classics of cookbooks, then photograph and review their work

I thought....."Ewwwwwwww.........
that looks like fun!" I did jus get a fabulous Jell-O book from Mary Ann. It would be fun to try out some of the lovelies in it!

Then I saw this. The Frankfurter Delight! I know that I could never top I throw in the towel! In case you want to give this baby a try I have copied the recipe below. Original poster listed at the bottom!

Frankfurter Delight
"A weiner in every slice!"
2 cans of weiners (i used soy dogs)
4 packets of gelatin powder
3 beef bouillon cubes
pimiento olives
slices of hard-boiled egg

Arrange weiners in a nonstick bundt cake pan. Strategically place olives and egg slices. Dissolve bouillon cubes and gelatin in 1 cup hot water, then add 3 cups cold water and stir stir stir. Pour into pan slowly. Chill in fridge for 3 hours or until transformation into a gelatinous mass of goo. Disclaimer: The smell will be nauseating. Not expected to be edible for a 21st-century human.

(based on a photo in the amusing book, Gallery of Regrettable Food)

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Neil said...

I think Dad might really like the wiener one. I think Scott would just like to make jokes about it. As for me, I am with you EWWWWWW! MUM

It's Just me! said...

Uh, why would you take a perfectly yummy wiener and ruin it in that manner? I will NEVER know!

I'm all about the taste and not the art of it all.

petersons said...

It looks like BUTT JELLO! Yuck.

Mellissa - wondermommy said...

Oh my, so many thoughts run through my head that really just should not be said!

"t" said...

a weiner in every slice...yummo! so glad you got your internet back...geez, what did we do with ourselves before this?????

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

I think, No, I know, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit swallowed and threw it up agian. thank you I was doing so well with my weight gaining.

trisha too said...

that's just wrong.

I AM VERY MARY said...

Um, wow. That's only slightly (and by slightly I mean a lot) gross.