Saturday, April 5, 2008

DeeDee's New Bag!!

I got some new fabric the other day. Luscious new Heather Baileys, and Amy Butlers.
I also have a few new bag I obviously had to make a new bag.
I have been making lots of little lovelies lately (a little alliteration for you there) mostly for myself. I knew this one wanted to go live with my sis DeeDee! She's a fancy, purse loving lady! (I can call her "lady" because she's older than me heh heh he!)

I got this pattern from You Can Make This. They were allowing it to be downloaded for free for a short time. I did (as usual) make several alterations to the pattern. It was a cute little bag....Dee dee definitely carries lots of CRAP really important stuff in her I had to make it quite a bit larger.
Then, I didn't read the instructions, I just went for it! I'm pretty sure that I did it differently than the creator intended.
I took it to DeeDee and she liked it! Now I think I'll make a matching wallet/checkbook cover for it.
Angel (my much older sister. Heh heh he), your bag is next!!!


Hey It's Di said...

OH Dee Dee more than like it! After you left she quickly unpacked her Crap from her other purse into it's New and beautiful home! Thanks! Check my blog!

Neil said...

Just a friendly reminder: MUMMY is only 7 weeks from being close enough to have a NEW BAG!! Dee Dee's is lovely and so like her. I love the fabrics. They make me drool.....MUM

Anonymous said...

That is a really pretty bag. I love the freshcut fabric!

Adrienne said...

LOVE the fabric and the purse!

Busty LaRue said...

Which bag from that site is this one? Is it the "She loves me she loves me knot" bag? You did such a cute job! I love it love it love it! BTW: Did you see that I got most of that wallpaper off yesterday? Sorry we didn't do more, but Destructo was causing chaos and destruction!

I AM VERY MARY said...

I love your lilting alliteration, lovely Lola!

M.KATE said...

i love this bag, its so pretty, happy week ahead :0