Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Easy Peasy!!

Ok! Today was 10 kid day.....and we all survived!
Actually, it wasn't bad at all!
It may have been a little easier than just having six kids. Everybody had a couple of buddies to play with.
The WII was in full swing,
the Barbies were watching the Remote Control car races,
and the the 3 DS players had "linked" and were walking their "Nintendogs".

Lunch went well too. I bribed them all to eat by dangling Little Debbies brownies in front of them,
"Four more bites, or you won't get a brownie!"
I got to eat several brownies because I'm a good girl and always finish my lunch!

Hopefully I'll get some crafting in tomorrow~



People always ask us how we handle our six kids and really once you're used to a large number of children throwing a few more into the mix doesn't seem to faze anyone.

10 kids and you survived! There should be a medal for that.

Kathi D said...

I ate all my dinner, can I have my brownie, please?

Ringmaster said...

Me too. I want a brownie. Should've called and i would have brought down my clan. HA! HA! Tater and the vandalosers could really cause some damage. Although they will do just about anything for a brownie!

Adrienne said...

That is hysterical - 'Mamma - why do you get 5 scoops of ice cream?"

"what honey?"

"Because your belly is bigger?"

"Yes, Henry, because mamma's belly is bigger ..."

Tonya said...

It is usually easier when they have friends over, even though there are more kids, they have someone they like to play with, therefore the leave their siblings alone lol

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I'm down to 3 at home now under 18 and I have what I call the "Junes". Every year I forget that my kids will annoy the heck out of me some days through June but buy July we've worked into a summer routine. My 13 year old is about to drive me to strangle him. I just have to breathe deep and tell myself its just the "Junes". I think you probably know what I mean. So a good day with 10 kids is worth savoring, especially if it is a June day.

Busty LaRue said...

Thanks for letting Marshy come play for a while, even if he was the cause of a sandbox fight!

Tausha said...

You my dear are my hero! 10 kids! I agree with you, once you have a few, if you add a few more to the mix, that are the same age, it makes life easier. You deserve a craft day after today! And maybe a couple more brownies! :)