Monday, December 29, 2008

Who knew?

Mystery Diagnosis.....
When a child is Throwing up for a whole week,
has diarrhea,
won't eat or drink,
has no cold symptoms-
that child is suffering from:

b-food poisoning
c-Kidney infection
d-ear infection
ummmmmmmmm....ear infection?? No, couldn't be that! He hasn't touched his ears or complained of pain. No runny nose...cough....fever.....nope!!
Ear infection!!
He had to get a shot because he WON'T take meds.
poor baby!!
Thanks for your concern and support!
A real post is coming tomorrow....a good one!! Don't miss it!!!


Hey It's Di said...

Hey! I was at the doctor today too...not because I was sick with an ear infection either. It was just a well person lab test. Which means I should be sick in a few days right?

Hope the poor babe is doing better now that he has PROPERLY been diagnosed;)

Molly said...

Junior had ear infections all winter last year. Never pulled his ears once. I think this will be our healthier winter. Fingers crossed. Hope baby is better soon.