Thursday, June 25, 2009

The first Album I ever bought was
I was in love with This Michael Jackson

I love the thriller video too.
He is so cute.......until he turns into a monster.

He was a big part of my pubescent years.
I'm not a hater.
I'll miss him.


Melanee said...

I agree. He made a very large impact on all of our lives and the way that music is now made. He broke a lot of barriers.

Blakely said...

I don't know of anyone today who is going to make the same impact on music like he did.

Kathi D said...

What a profound statement: "He's so cute, until he turns into a monster."

I can't excuse anything he did, but what a "childhood" he had to endure.

During the Thriller days, Rick and I were taking aerobics classes nearly every day, and every class was accompanied by that album. I could sing "Billie Jean" by heart!

Vanasa said...

I have been missing him for 20 years.

Lisa said...

I so agree w/ you...MJ was awesome and his music was great! I feel like he is to our generation like Elvis was to our parents!

trisha too said...

that's what my dh said--we remember THAT Michael Jackson.

i saw him in 1984 with the reunion tour. it was an amazing show.